Technically News - 5/27

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5 Reasons the Government Needs to be More Like the Tech Industry

As technology continues embedding itself in the government’s day-to-day activities, the two industries are looking to each other more and more for best practices. PolicyMic argues why the government needs to be even more like the tech industry. Among their lessons: recruiting and collaboration.

Lawmakers: What’s Still Missing in Data Center Consolidation

The combination of a House Subcommittee on Government Operations meeting and a recent GAO report highlights why the federal data center consolidation efforts are so hard to monetarily understand. FedScoop points out the most glaring reason: “No one is tracking agency progress in closing data centers against the cost-savings goal.” Read their article to also understand why agencies are behind in reaching their goal and how PortfolioStat is still mentioned, but not yet implemented.

5 Keys to Getting Big Data Under Control

Big data is coming, and most are unprepared to handle it. A recent report noted that “enterprise growth rates now average 40 percent to 60 percent annually.” The “big” picture is that someday agencies will be able to utilize this data to create better and more efficient systems for the public. However, utilizing the data withstanding, that amount of information is proving difficult just to manage. GCN offers five keys to getting a hold of that sprawling data.

Oracle: 4 Reasons Why Information Silos are Hindering Cloud Advantages

A recent survey, sponsored by Oracle, called Cloud for Business Managers: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, has shed light on why cloud deployment is still proving difficult. Now that the cloud security has been addressed, people are finding it difficult to integrate the potential benefits of the cloud. CMS Wire has broken down the findings into four key problematic areas. Number one: staff downtime.

Amazon Web Services Gains FedRAMP Compliance for GovCloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has earned an Agency Authority to Operate (ATO) under the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). What that means for federal agencies is that AWS has passed the strict cloud security measures and is safe to deploy. What it means for Amazon is now they are able to deploy solutions without the strict roadblocks usually in place preventing or delaying agencies from acquiring cloud-based services. Read Talkin Cloud’s piece to learn more.

CloudCheckr Monitors Amazon GovCloud

CloudCheckr, a small startup, is introducing a new product: CloudCheckr Gov. It will monitor an agency’s performance with AWS GovCloud which is notable because of the strict security requirements involved with the service. Among things it monitors are: identity access and checks for 150 best practices in your cloud workload. InformationWeek has more.