How the DoD Can Address its Cybersecurity Mandates

Security has become one of the biggest IT challenges in the last 20 years. Regulations, threats, and the many different ways in which adversaries can gain access to sensitive network infrastructures, particularly within the Department of Defense (DoD), have spurred cyber priorities and strategic goals. These include defending the DoD information network, securing DoD data, and mitigating risks to DoD missions (Strategic Goal II) while being prepared to defend the U.S.

Top 5 Reasons to Migrate Your Oracle Licenses

Ever wonder what to do with your old, out-of-date software licenses from Oracle? Technology is constantly improving and new programs are being developed all the time.  Some of those old programs are combined with others to form new product bundles, some are upgraded and repackaged, and some are simply retired and replaced by new programs.  Fortunately, the license migration is a way to make sure that your licenses remain useful and valuable over time as technologies and business needs evolve, and facilitates effective license management by you, the end user.

Technically News - 5/23

This week in Technically News: Oracle Managed Cloud Services Earns Elite Status for Federal Deployments; Federal IT Managers More Optimistic About Security Than Implementers; Feds Could Save $20 Billion with Better IT Infrastructure Initiatives, Study Finds; Shifting Mindsets in the Physical World.

Technically News - 11/25

This week in Technically News: AWS WorkSpaces May Spark Federal Demand for Desktop-as-a-Service; Agency CIOs Thinking Smarter as IT Spending Declines; Congress Embarks on Government IT Reform; How Federal Cybersecurity Measures Can Apply to Healthcare; DLT Builds Navy New Portal to Manage Oracle Tools.