Big Data Month: How Government Can Move Beyond Being Data Rich, But Information Poor

Data is everywhere in government but turning that data into actionable information and insights remains a persistent problem. “We are data rich and information poor,” said Shelley Metzenbaum, a former associate director for performance and personnel management at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) at a recent IBM Center for The Business of Government session on “Envision Government in 2040”.

Fed IT Security Hardens, but User Authentication Remains Weak

On February 27, FISMA presented its annual report to Congress. The report (compiled by the OMB) provides metrics on federal cybersecurity incidents, efforts to mitigate them, and progress in implementing cybersecurity policies and programs.

The good news is that there is progress to report, with nearly 70,000 information security issues reported in FY’ 2014, up 15% over the previous year – there is still work to be done.


The below blog was written by and published with permission by Steve O’Keeffe. Steve O’Keeffe is the founder of MeriTalk – – the government IT network. MeriTalk is an online community that hosts professional networking, thought leadership, and focused events to drive the government IT dialogue. A 20-year veteran of the government IT community, O’Keeffe has worked in government and industry. In addition to MeriTalk, he founded Telework Exchange, GovMark Council, and O’Keeffe & Company OMB OMG Is Fed IT better after Kundra? Are cloud, data center, and cyber working? Where should Steven VanRoekel focus? As Fed IT makes it through year end, is Dell down and Amazon up? We put these questions and more to the Fed IT community at Innovation Nation on August 23. The new study, Over to You Mr. VanRoekel, gives the new Fed CIO a sense for his inheritance.