October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Children won’t be the only ones trick-or-treating this month. Last year, federal agencies reported an estimated 3,574 incidents every month in 2011 according to the Government Accountability Office. The same office also said incidents reported have increased nearly 680% in the last six years. Due to rising cyber terrorism and the need for increased cyber security, President Obama has designated October “National Cyber Security Awareness Month”.

Storage Consolidation with the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance

Datacenter growth is one of the larger challenges encountered by datacenter managers today. The key solutions to combat these challenges are consolidation and virtualization. There are many virtualization solutions available, such as Oracle VM, and all of them are effective for server consolidation. The Sun ZFS Storage Appliance can integrate and interoperate with any of these solutions but does best with Oracle VM and VMware.

For Crying Out Cloud

Cloud computing and virtualization. If you work within the federal, state and local, and higher education IT industries, you most likely have been exposed to these terms. However, for some, understanding the distinction between the two can be a little confusing. This year at FOSE 2011, DLT Solutions and Quest Software helped visitors cut through the fog of uncertainty surrounding this issue. During the event, DLT asked public-sector IT professionals to participate in a series of “Minute to Win It” style games to illustrate the complexities of cloud computing and virtualization. These games were designed to show participants that not everything is as simple as it looks which according to a Norwich University study*, proves that they are not alone.

Virtualization, the dark side

The race to virtualize everything has created a host of unintended consequences, not the least of which is how to meet the SLAs (service level agreements) for application backup. As we move into cloud alternatives this problem will only grow since your cloud provider will have to provide this to you on an application by application basis. Every virtual machine is essentially a set of large files such as VMDKs in a VMware context. These large files are typically stored in storage arrays which can be connected via iSCSI or Fiber Channel or on NFS volumes. Traditional data protection techniques such as VMware's VADP, or VMware VCB rely on an agent to protect VMDK files associated with virtual servers.

Virtualization, the next Shake Weight?

Are technology trends such as Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Open Source Software the Shake Weights of the IT Industry? Are IT professionals relying on them to be the magic bullet/quick fix for solving software efficiency? That’s the question that Jason Corey, U.S. Navy Client Executive at Red Hat proposes in the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for the Navy Webcast.

Private Cloud Technologies: Moving Away from a Traditional IT Model

In a traditional Information Technology (IT) model, new IT assets are acquired in support of specific applications. This model has had the unfortunate side effect of casting IT into the role of a cost center. As such, there has been little flexibility within IT to make broad platform changes such as the adoption and deployment of private cloud technologies.