Three Reasons to Read Cloud Computing for Govies™

After months of researching, writing, and editing, the DLT Cloud Advisory Group recently completed its new reference eBook, Cloud Computing for Govies™! Here are three reasons you should take a minute and read this eBook today: 1)      The Cloud First policy is starting to be actualized. FedRAMP (The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) CONOPS is here and there is a much larger, actionable focus on cloud computing trickling into many agencies.  Cloud Computing for Govies™ provides a comprehensive overview of the different types of cloud solutions available (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS) along with examples of usage in a public sector situation.  By becoming well versed in cloud now, FedRAMP’s future government cloud initiatives will be easier to understand and implement. 2)      There’s already too much information out there about cloud. The DLT Cloud Advisory Group created this guide as a neutral information source.  There’s no sales pitch or specific product highlights – just quality information. Immediately cut through the clutter to learn about what infrastructure requirements, SLA agreements, and other things you need to know before pursuing any cloud implementation. 3)      Do you know the value of cloud computing for government?   Cloud Computing for Govies™ will help you discover how government IT can leverage cloud computing by reading about real examples of government cloud uses.  You will learn about cost savings, consolidation and modernization of legacy operations.  Finally, you will understand the different aspects of cloud security including threats, risks, cautions and considerations. Get your free eBook today at and let us know what you think!