Tom Temin

Tom Temin: Understanding the Color of Federal Money premium
Congress first enacted federal appropriations law in 1809. It’s kept lawyers, contractors, and judges busy ever since. A question arising in many sellers’ minds at this time of year is, what money is available for contracts in more than one fiscal year? Typically Congress appropriates the bulk of contracting dollars to be obligated and disbursed in […]
August 31, 2018
Tom Temin Looks Ahead: Time to Sharpen Your Federal Sales Plans for 2020 premium
One thing we know about fiscal 2019: There will be plenty of money to go around. The hyper-partisanship that characterizes the government’s political class means that for the second year in a row, there’s more money for guns and butter. The next month will show whether the contractor community is facing a delay or even […]
August 15, 2018
How to Take Advantage of Federal Fiscal Year-End as a Solutions Provider premium
An irony of late appropriations – as the federal government experienced for the umpteenth time in fiscal 2018 – is that rather than rush to spend, your federal customers are actually spending at rates below what they’re authorized to spend. That makes it harder to maximize the year-end spending blitz. It takes some doing, but […]