Digital Design April 14, 2021
Out of sight, out of mind. It’s all too easy to forget about asset maintenance when the assets themselves aren’t right in front of you. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this became more evident as employees went home and logged into a virtual workplace instead of coming to a physical space.
Big Data & Analytics April 13, 2021
Exclusive Interview with DLT Chief Data Scientist, Sherry Bennett and Data Coalition CEO, Nick Hart Sherry: Welcome Nick Hart, CEO of the Data Coalition.  Thank you for participating in our interview today to help launch DLT’s inaugural Data Innovations newsletter.  Nick, please tell me a little bit about your professional career in government and how you became CEO of the Data Coalition.
Cloud March 29, 2021
The AWS Public Sector Summit is less than two weeks away. This event brings the public sector cloud community together to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS. This will be the second year in a row as a virtual event. If last year was any indication the event will be just as impactful as a virtual experience. DLT continues to be a proud sponsor and will be taking part in the day’s activities.
Cybersecurity March 25, 2021
Earlier this year, a downright chilling cyberattack against our nation’s critical infrastructure was exposed and reported in Oldsmar, Florida, a town of fewer than 14,000 people just outside of Tampa. The attack was targeted against a local water treatment facility and – if successful – could have managed to poison the area’s water supply.
Cybersecurity March 25, 2021
According to the 2020 Verizon DBIR, (Data Breach Investigations Report) there were 3,950 confirmed breaches in 2020. The onset of the COVID pandemic resulted in a drastic increase in exploitable vulnerabilities, phishing attempts, ransomware campaigns, and remote compromise attempts.
Cybersecurity March 24, 2021
Crises and disasters are unavoidable; especially, from the perspective of information security professionals, whose adage is to "assume you've already been hacked." It would be naïve to assume that any network was impervious to adversarial campaigns. The difference between a cybersecurity novice and a leader isn't whether they can infallibly prevent incidents; rather, the distinction lies in how they respond to crises, mitigate impacts, remediate compromises, and incorporate lessons into their risk assessment, policies, and response plans.