Partnership empowers public sector organizations to leverage data to expedite decision-making and mission success

HERNDON, Va. (Aug. 22, 2017) - DLT Solutions, an award-winning technology provider to the public sector, announced today a new partnership with Tableau Software, the global leader in visual analytics, to bring Tableau to public sector customers.

Tableau provides interactive, visual business analytics software that helps federal, state, and local agencies, as well as healthcare and higher education sectors, leverage data insights to make more informed, data-driven mission decisions.

“Today, public sector organizations are dealing with an incredible volume, velocity and variety of data from student records to medical devices and military aircraft,” said Sean Brophy, regional vice president of public sector sales at Tableau. “Seeing and understanding data is critical to improving situational awareness and making real-time, mission critical decisions. Tableau helps agencies empower users at all levels of skill from executives to data analysts and data scientists to gain immediate insights from data and continue to iterate and answer more questions.”

Recently launched, the DLT AnalyticsStackTM is a public sector focused Big Data, Analytics and Data Science 'solution stack' providing agencies with a scalable reference framework that addresses rapidly evolving big data requirements and use cases. Rather than just piecemealing products, the stack’s 'building-block' approach helps agencies quickly architect, procure and deploy enterprise analytics capabilities ranging from big data infrastructure to advanced analytics and data science capabilities. The DLT AnalyticsStack leverages the solution-oriented, ecosystem integration of the stack vendors to help agencies quickly realize the benefits of advanced analytics capabilities.

Tableau plays a key and foundational role in the DLT AnalyticsStack, performing the self-service BI and advanced data analytics functions in the stack’s analytics layer. With the release of Tableau 10.3, customers can now connect to more than 75 data sources via 66 connectors, without any programming. This helps agencies democratize data analytics and leverage improved data insights to realize new mission outcomes.

“The Public Sector’s growing need for fast, flexible and effective data analytics solutions is on the rise,” said David Rubal, chief technologist for data and analytics and principal data scientist at DLT. “People need to see the story behind their data and keep asking questions from the data. The evolving mission requirements of government are well beyond trying to make sense of millions of rows of raw structured and limitless unstructured data without a data visualization and analytics capability. The use cases associated with big data emphasize this need. Self-service, BI and visual analytics should be a core component of an agency or department’s enterprise data strategy.”

About DLT Solutions

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