Cloud Computing, IT Perspective October 28, 2016
Jetlag is a mind killer. Anyone who has ever had to regularly brave the US Airport Circus to make sure the checks don’t bounce at the end of the month, understands that jetlag isn’t something that only hits you the day after you travel. The confused, fuzzy-headed filter will occasionally slam down on your poor hapless brain anywhere from 24 to 168 hours after landing back in your home time zone.
Cloud Computing October 24, 2016
Content Delivery Networks (“CDNs”) do a good job of keeping themselves clean and up-to-date. However, sometimes the origin systems/applications/webpages we are using go through a big update and/or we’d like to have a hard cut-over to a new edition or version of our sites. Having the old versions of the files hanging around in the CDN could cause delays in the roll out, or strange behaviors in our web application.
Cloud Computing, IT Perspective October 19, 2016
We are going to take a simple but often misunderstood AWS methodology / feature and drag it out into the unapologetic sunlight via my way of looking at things. I tend to deal with IT professionals from all spectrums of the scale, so in the finest tradition of compromise, we are going to soar between 30,000 and 500 feet on this one.
Cloud Computing October 18, 2016
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a very large sprawling platform. As such, it has a very large collection of API’s to issue commands against. The AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) team has done a great job in the last few years of standardizing the commands – both in syntax and function.