Use the Source, Luke

I was once told by a good friend that "open source is all well and good, but as a “John Doe” admin what do I need the source code for? It never does admins any good to have the source." At that time, I conceded. It probably wasn't as valuable for admins; it was for developers who need to change the behavior of something. Until today....

Technically Speaking - 3/14

This week in Technically News: Cybersecurity: Sharing Information Between Public, Private Sector Key to Battling Threats; What 24's Jack Bauer Can Teach Federal Agencies; Navy, Marines Corps Transferring Data to Commercial Cloud; Former CIA Director Explains Cybersecurity Threats Facing the US

Technically News - 11/25

This week in Technically News: AWS WorkSpaces May Spark Federal Demand for Desktop-as-a-Service; Agency CIOs Thinking Smarter as IT Spending Declines; Congress Embarks on Government IT Reform; How Federal Cybersecurity Measures Can Apply to Healthcare; DLT Builds Navy New Portal to Manage Oracle Tools.

Technically News - 10/21

This week in Technically News: IaaS Performance Benchmarks Part 2: AWS; CryptoLocker, Kegotip, Medfos Malware Triple-Threat; How Government IT Uses Virtualization to Lock Down Clouds; State CIO Scramble to Keep Pace with Technology; 7 Keys to More Modern & Secure Government.

Why Build a Private Cloud?

IT is currently facing two dilemmas. The first is many want their private cloud architecture to work with their existing data center. Secondly, IT professionals are looking to build private clouds that are open to other clouds but also equipped to run existing in-house systems and applications. So you may be asking yourself, “Why should I build a private cloud?”