Technically News - 3/21

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Amazon Web Services Celebrates 8 Years in the Cloud

It’s taken only eight years for Amazon Web Services to completely change the cloud game and become its largest, and arguably most important, player. Read what they promised in 2006 here and tell us if they’ve kept it. And to celebrate, we bring you this article on how to set up a Linux system on AWS, the Amazon cloud.

Your U.S. Government Uses Open Source Software, And Loves It

Wes Caldwell, Chief Architect of Intelligent Software Solutions (ISS) recently sat down with Silicon Angle to discuss how the government uses open source software. Understandably, he mentions that a big hurdle for the government is ensuring that the open code doesn’t contain malicious code. Read more of his answers by reading this article.

Is Data Center Consolidation Losing Steam?

If the federal government has begun righting one tech ship, another, far older one, is still sinking: data center consolidation. That effort reaches officially reaches back four years now and instead of reaching its goal of brining the number of data centers in the federal government down, it’s still finding new ones. FCW wonders if the cause is unofficially done. Read why here.

Why Cloud Computing Is Like Water

Are the problems with cloud user adoption and contract structuring a result of looking at cloud computing from the wrong lens? Probably not, but that hasn’t stopped from writing a nice piece on why cloud is like purchasing water for a building in an effort to help you understand the cloud mindset better. You can find that article here.