Why Documentation Management is Taking Designers Away from the Business of Designing

Digital design data is a big data business. It requires secure management and storage, versions need to be stringently controlled, and teams need to access files readily so they can share that data with stakeholders.

For too long, however, designers, engineers, and CAD managers have relied on traditional document management systems, like network drives, to achieve this. While they do a great job with office documents, those same solutions don’t work well with today’s design files and models, for several reasons:

Why your Agency Needs to Ditch Windows Explorer and Disk Drives for Design and Engineering Data Management

If you’re like most designers, engineers, or CAD managers, you probably rely on Windows Explorer and mapped network drives to manage and store project files. For instance, you may have one drive for design data, another for admin, another for permits, and so on. While it’s been the way you’ve done things for years, this habit of breaking your project up into pieces is a problematic approach that can result in misplaced data, poor version control, or deleted data due to incorrect file access control.

Conquering Design Documentation Management with Autodesk Vault

In the beginning, there were paper documents. Kept in flat files and cabinets and organized rather haphazardly, paper documents offered peace of mind that designers were editing the original file despite the work and effort it took to locate the documents.

Then CAD came along and designers began keeping files on disks (but still inside cabinets). Computerizing the documents, however, soon created a new problem: copies. The fix? Labeling the disk to indicate if it contained the original file.

Who's Checking your Vault Backups?

Are you checking to confirm your Vault backups are occurring?

If not or you assume they are, I highly suggest you put a plan in place to confirm backups are occurring. Even if the responsibility lies with another individual or a group, simply ask them. Most time Vault backups run without incident. But there are times when it fails and no backup occurs.

In the end, no one wants to deal with lost data but it will happen at some point. So is your organization prepared?

Top 5 Reasons to Add Autodesk Vault Collaboration AEC to Your Workflow

Are you spending too much time keeping track of you design data? You didn’t become an engineer to manage data, so don’t. Autodesk® Vault data management software helps design and engineering workgroups to securely organize, manage, and track their data. Enjoy more control over design data with change and revision management capabilities. With Autodesk Vault, users can quickly find and reuse design data and more easily manage design and engineering information.