Has Your Agency Looked at Autodesk Collections Yet?

As you may know Autodesk Industry Collections became available to government agencies as of February 1. This date also coincided with the retirement of perpetual licenses for most of its products, including AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Inventor, Revit, and more. But what’s so great about these new collections and how do they differ from the old Autodesk Suites?

First let’s explain what a collection is.

Co-Author Revit BIM Models in the Cloud and Get Better BIM Team Collaboration

If you’re looking for your investment in BIM to pay off even more, the answer may be in the cloud. That’s because several of the biggest challenges for building design teams can be solved through cloud-based collaboration.

Keeping everyone on the same page in the face of multiple documents and files are two of the top concerns that keep AEC professionals awake at night according to Autodesk sources, here are some more:

10 Fascinating Examples of Autodesk at Work in Government

It’s likely that your agency’s procurement office requires proof of performance before even considering the purchase of a new software solution.  But government case studies are often hard to come by, after all agencies have a habit of keeping their projects and innovations quiet.

In recent years this has changed as more and more agencies are stepping forward to showcase their achievements. And, what better way to demonstrate that tax payer dollars are being used wisely and efficiently than case studies.