Technology January 31, 2018
Government agencies store large volumes of information. Yet poor data quality and a lack of collaboration across functions can be stumbling blocks to information governance.  Some of the data is dirty, messy, and non-standardized making data sharing a challenge. Without holistic data governance, data is chaotic But some organizations still see data governance as it used to be – siloed projects focused on compliance. Government enterprises spend all their time struggling to implement data governance. And, in the end, no one trusts the data.
Big Data, Technology January 30, 2018
What does the U.S. government have to do with “connected cars”? Quite a lot.
Big Data & Analytics December 4, 2017
Take your cloud data, database data, HR data, financial data, throw it in a blender and what have you got? Data soup! It may as well be. You have all the right ingredients, but no recipe for pulling it all together. As we accumulate more data, across disparate data sources, the challenge for today’s government data analyst are multiple: