FireMon is the #1 agile network security policy platform for hybrid cloud enterprises. FireMon is the fastest way to streamline network security policy management, which is one of the biggest impediments to IT and enterprise agility. Only FireMon offers Continuous Policy Automation, including the full range of capabilities to dynamically secure firewall and cloud security group policies – and increase enterprise agility.

Since creating the first-ever network security policy management solution, FireMon has delivered command and control over complex network security infrastructures for more than 1,700 customers located in nearly 70 countries around the world.

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FireMon Automation delivers a comprehensive blueprint for security process automation that accelerates and streamlines policy management through trusted accuracy, gold standards, and proactive continuous compliance.

Security Manager provides real-time visibility, control, and management for network security devices across hybrid cloud environments from a single pane of glass. 

Global Policy Controller delivers continuous intent-based security and orchestration for complex hybrid environments, giving both security and business stakeholders a single, consistent operating model that improves security, increases agility and reduces cost. 

Policy Planner delivers intelligent, automated workflow and provisioning that enables network security and operations teams to implement the right changes with absolute precision across the entire rule lifecycle. 

Policy Optimizer automates the change review process and streamlines rule justification and clean-up efforts to optimize performance and ensure continuous compliance with internal and external standards. 

Lumeta is a real-time visibility, vulnerability, and risk management solution that enables cloud, network, and security teams to find and secure unknown, rogue and shadow clouds, network infrastructure, and endpoints.

Risk Analyzer provides best-in-class vulnerability management through real-time risk analysis and threat modeling to uncover exposures, score network risk and prioritize remediation. 

Security Assessment and Cleanup

After years of use, policies that control access become unwieldy. It grows increasingly difficult to manage and audit multi-vendor security devices across your hybrid enterprise. Your outdated controls can potentially compromise compliance and increase risk. For the best performance, stronger security and strict adherence to compliance, you need to start at the beginning with an assessment and cleanup of your existing base of security policies.

Continuous Compliance

Evolving regulatory and internal security policy requirements can make it a struggle to maintain compliance, especially for large organizations with multiple locations, IT environments, and security vendors. Fines and lawsuits from compliance violations are always on your horizon, so your best defense is real-time analysis and alerting. FireMon provides you with real-time compliance assessments and automates the rule review, recertification and documentation process.

Automated Change Process

83% of all unplanned network outages are caused by mistakes made during an approved change; 70% of them are firewall-related. This isn’t surprising, given that security and operations teams like yours are inundated with change requests, and most are still handled manually. What’s more, the rush to meet service level agreements (SLAs) can force you to make compromises to security or compliance. FireMon lets you say goodbye to compromising security in the name of expediency with the visibility and tools you need to securely open and revise access.

Microsegmentation for Zero Trust Networks

Microsegmentation is the preferred method for getting to a Zero Trust network. You can improve security by carving networks into small granular nodes, all the way down to a single machine or application, but your security policies can proliferate rapidly in your microsegmented world. See how FireMon’s powerful fusion of vulnerability management, continuous compliance and orchestration puts you in command of your microsegemented networks.

Real-time Cloud Visibility

Cloud infrastructure brings the same risks and threats as an on-premise environment, but with a twist: the rate of expansion. Cloud services and applications spin up, deploy and provision faster than you can say “IaaS” and it’s inevitable that you’ll miss critical security controls. See how FireMon enables you to embrace the cloud confidently without compromising security.

Risk Management

The best way to combat unwarranted access is to preemptively identify and analyze areas of vulnerability. However, the complex nature of security policies combined with the time-consuming burden of patching tens of thousands of vulnerabilities makes threats difficult to see and assess. See how FireMon can help you manage risk with real-time visibility and control to remediate the vulnerabilities that matter the most.

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