DLT Thought Light Interview – Lora L. Allen, Principal CX Advisor, Public Sector, Medallia

DLT’s Chief Data Scientist, Sherry Bennett, recently sat down recently with Lora L. Allen, Medallia’s Public Sector Principal CX Advisor and discussed her service in the public sector, Lora’s role at Medallia helping educate and advise government agencies that are tackling CX challenges, and more.

Q: Prior to joining Medallia, you spent your entire career in public service, can you kindly tell me how your service has shaped and informed your current focus on customer experience?

How State Governments Should Evaluate Cloud ERP Functionality

State governments want their software to be secure, compliant and designed for the 21st century. As such, many state governments are evaluating their current ERP platforms to determine how to modernize financials, procurement, human capital management, and payroll applications.

While some have pursued modernization by embarking on multi-tenant cloud journeys, most organizations are still in the planning phase.

Reimagining the Close: 6 Key Challenges for Financial Close & Reporting

In today’s volatile and disruptive economic environment, CFOs and Finance organizations must lead organizational decision-making processes with insight, speed and confidence. Yet many Finance organizations are still bogged down by inefficiencies in routine processes within the period-end financial close and reporting cycle. And that makes it difficult to shift time to value-added analysis and decision support.

Integrating Workflows Streamlines Data Sharing

Does your business have a single source of truth when it comes to data sharing across facilities? Ensuring data is accurate, relevant, and structured is something any business can recognize as important, yet it is more difficult to achieve than most realize. Just because you are use an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) or have relevant GIS data doesn’t mean it provides a single source of truth. 

Exclusive Interview: Data Coalition CEO, Nick Hart

Exclusive Interview with DLT Chief Data Scientist, Sherry Bennett and Data Coalition CEO, Nick Hart

Sherry: Welcome Nick Hart, CEO of the Data Coalition.  Thank you for participating in our interview today to help launch DLT’s inaugural Data Innovations newsletter.  Nick, please tell me a little bit about your professional career in government and how you became CEO of the Data Coalition.

The National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Act: A Real Stake in the Ground to Reestablish US Dominance in AI

On January 1, 2021, the House and Senate overrode President Trump’s veto of H.R.6395, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2021, rendering the bill law. The FY2021 NDAA includes the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Act (NAIIA), one of the most ambitious attempts by Congress to date, seeking to establish the United States leadership in artificial intelligence (AI).