[Webinar] Army Chief Discusses How Agencies Can Lay Foundations for Next Gen Data Center

Hybrid clouds are increasingly seen by government agencies as a comfortable solution to both their desire and mandates to move to the cloud. Highly sensitive data can be stored on-premises in a private cloud – using their existing infrastructure – while lower risk data and non-sensitive computing workloads can be placed in the public cloud or where they fit best. Hybrid clouds also let agencies quickly move when situations change.

But transitioning to a hybrid environment requires careful consideration. Foundations need to be laid for ensuring data resiliency and security. Data center operations must be modernized to provide more agile response, stronger backup and protection capabilities, and the flexibility to move in and out of cloud facilities in the future.

It’s something that AJ Bognar, Chief of the U.S. Army’s Data Center Consolidation and Cloud Transformation program knows all too well. Bognar is responsible for overseeing the Army's strategic direction in reducing its data center and application footprint and setting conditions for its transition to enterprise hosting environments, to include the commercial cloud. He is also responsible for developing and promulgating Army policy on data center consolidation and application migration.

Bognar will share his insights and best practices for how agencies can modernize and automate their data center operations in an exclusive webinar on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at 1.00 PM EDT. Hosted by DLT Solutions, NetApp, Red Hat and FedScoop, Bognar and federal industry technology leaders will discuss the following:

• Why automation is the key to unlocking efficiency and improving security

• What to consider in planning for a “next generation data center” that’s ready for the cloud

• How to get started automating your data center and storage operations

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