Flexera Software is the leading provider of Application Usage Management solutions, trusted by more than 80,000 customers.  Through our partnership with Flexera, we provide products that help the public sector solve challenges involving software licensing management, software deployment, and compliance and installation solutions.

Admin Studio Suite

The Admin Studio Suite provides enterprise IT teams, including the MSI packager, with the most advanced software packaging tools to efficiently prepare reliable application packages for deployment with a complete suite of automated MSI packaging, customization, testing and management reporting capabilities.

FlexNet Manager Suite

The FlexNet Manager Suite provides scalable hardware and software asset management (HAM & SAM) across more than 14,000 publishers and 110,000 applications, providing insight into installed software and application usage while delivering purchased versus installed license reconciliation. Additionally, this suite incorporates discovery, inventory and license management capabilities for Oracle database products. Oracle deployment and usage information from FlexNet Manager Platform has been verified by Oracle as being "detailed and accurate", and will be accepted by Oracle License Management Services (LMS) during a license audit.

Application Readiness

Flexera Software delivers market-leading Application Readiness solutions to help enterprises in the inventorying, rationalizing, packaging, planning, and delivery of physical, virtual, and mobile applications, ensuring faster service delivery and continuous and predictable deployment into increasingly complex computing environments.

Software License Optimization

Flexera Software is the established global leader in Software License Optimization solutions, enabling enterprises to gain visibility and control of IT assets, reduce ongoing software costs, and maintain continuous license compliance. These software asset management capabilities are delivered as a comprehensive suite of enterprise software license management and license compliance solutions that optimize the management of software assets throughout the software lifecycle.

Contract Name Contract Number Sector State
2GIT 47QTCA21A000Y Federal
CONTINUOUS DIAGNOSTICS AND MITIGATION (CDM) Refer to individual contracts Federal
Department of Defense Flexera ITAM ESI N66001-19-A-0045 Federal
GSA Multiple Award Schedules GS-35F-267DA Federal, State
National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA) - Systems and Information Management Software 01-136 / 01-164 National Texas
SEWP V Group A: NNG15SC07B; Group D: NNG15SC98B Federal
State of California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) 3-16-70-1047B State California
State of Maryland Multi-Vendor COTS IDIQ 06B02490021 State Maryland
State of New Mexico Multi-Vendor IDIQ 60-000-16-00075 State New Mexico
State of Ohio Multi-Vendor IDIQ 534042 State Ohio
State of Texas DIR Multi-Vendor Software II IDIQ DIR-TSO-4236 State Texas
TIPS 210101 State Texas