Eliminate Network Outages and Reduce Operational Costs

NetBrain’s Problem Diagnosis Automation System is the most widely adopted network automation platform. Unlike other network automation tools, NetBrain captures the business intentions for the network using its automation platform to maintain those outcomes in real-time without code. The result is direct alignment of the business to the infrastructure, dramatically lower operational costs, and significantly reduced risk of outages and service degradations. Today, more than 2,500 of the world’s largest enterprises and managed services providers use NetBrain to simplify their management tasks, reduce MTTRs, ensure compliance and provide a top-down understanding of how the network is supporting their business requirements directly.


Prevent Network Outages
Constantly assess Network Intent for vulnerabilities, performance degradation, and compliance. Reduce outages and service disruptions by half.  LEARN MORE >



Proactive Network Troubleshooting
With a deep understanding of the network through the system and human knowledge, quickly discover issues, troubleshoot collaboratively, and capture subject matter expertise as automation without code. Resolve any reoccurring problems, improve network uptime, and reduce MTTR.  LEARN MORE >



Protected Network Change Management
Ensure compliance with a network design failsafe and confidently execute network configuration changes at scale without unplanned side effects to business applications and services. LEARN MORE >



Application Assurance for Network Paths
Automatically verify and enforce every application traffic path and gives your team a complete understanding of path quality in the context of the applications to deliver high-performance application and service experiences. LEARN MORE >

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Hybrid-Cloud Visibility
Edge-to-cloud network automation visibility and troubleshooting extends to the Public Cloud and traverses the entire network, from end-point to datacenter, across the WAN and up to the public clouds. Everything is visualized and automatable. LEARN MORE >



Enforcing Network Security
Allow the security intentions of your designers to be part of your standard operating best practices through continuous automation. Manage security design intents to assure comprehensive protection. LEARN MORE >



Intent-Based Network Assessment
Achieve good network hygiene by running real-time network assessments for your network, anytime with real-time device details from every manufacturer and the network connectivity. LEARN MORE >

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NetBrain’s Problem Diagnosis Automation System (PDAS) is the industry’s only automated network operations and visibility platform specifically designed to address the efficiency and effectiveness of Day-2 network operations at scale. Rather than managing the thousands of individual device configurations, NetBrain provides network operators and engineers with an entirely new approach to hybrid network management.


NetBrain’s PDAS accelerates the remediation of more than 95% of all network service tickets and eliminates up to 50% of network problems before they impact the production network and the business it supports. This reduces MTTR dramatically, increases uptime, and lowers operational costs.

  • Scale Service Ticket Operations

Integrate with ITSM ticketing and workflow systems to automatically begin diagnostics for incidents immediately upon ticket creation, dramatically reducing MTTR.

  • Operate Through Intents

Apply design intents as a management proxy for device configuration, and enforces design intents to maintain compliance and performance goals.

  • Visualize Hybrid Network

Auto-discover any hybrid network, from edge to cloud, and creates a precise digital twin to enable intent-based automation and troubleshooting.

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NetBrain is Featured on CIOReview magazine
NetBrain transforms hybrid cloud-connected networks into a real-time digital twin, then layers on the list of application-driven business requirements of the network. Network operators and engineers can then maintain the integrity of their network by managing to their intended results.

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NetBrain is a Gartner Cool Vendor
We’re proud to be featured again by Gartner in the April 2022 Cool Vendors in Network Automation report in the “Where Are They Now?” section. In this report, Gartner states that NetBrain is a good choice for “Organizations of all sizes that are looking to ensure there is an up-to-date benchmarking of assets, simplify troubleshooting and/or automatically check network configurations to confirm that they are consistent with the original intent. In short, NetBrain simplifies network operations.”

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