Self-Service Data Analytics Makes it Easy to Prep, Blend, and Analyze Big Data

As federal, state and local agencies amass more and more structured and unstructured data, the use of data analytics can help save time and resources in making informed decisions based on that data. However, challenges remain as agencies struggle to find the right skill set and manage the complexity of implementations for multi-structured data platforms.

4 Trends that are Transforming Utility Infrastructure Design

How are BIM, cloud, big data and data management technologies changing the way our utilities infrastructure is designed and managed? Here are four fast facts:

1) BIM

Sure, BIM has made it easier to share 3D intelligent models of infrastructure design projects, but BIM is more than a 3D model. It's and entire process for creating and using that model across planning, design, and infrastructure management phases.

Three Strategies for Fighting the Growing Issue of Insider Threats

By Chris LaPoint, VP of Product Management, SolarWinds

Altruistic hackers are slowly becoming more prominent in pop culture, specifically in TV shows in which they are young geniuses using their skills to help those in need. Their derring-do involves taking control of everything from airplanes to traffic signals, all in the name of good. And they do it with style.

Got Database Bloat or Health Issues?

“Big data” and the rise in demand for database services puts increasing pressure on IT departments. End users demand access to data at higher speeds and management wants that data delivered and managed at a lower operational cost.

Data stores are expanding at an exponential rate, compromising the performance of servers and applications. This growth also adds to the daily challenges and pains that administrators face – maintaining database health while meeting ever-evolving mission requirements.

How Agencies can Make Good on the Promise of Big Data

Big data is a big bet for the public sector.

It’s estimated that U.S. federal agencies currently store 1.61 petabytes of data – and it’s expected to do a lot more with that data than it currently is. In a 2012 survey by the 1105 Government Information Group, 63% of the almost 200 respondents agreed that unless they implement and use big data it will be more difficult to meet their agency's mission

What is Big Data?