Technically News - 4/18

This week in Technically News: Gartner: 10 Trends for Smarter Government; Middleware Integrates Systems Across Cloud, Internet of Things; Is Limiting Damage the Best Hope for Cybersecurity; Data Center Consolidation Best Practices: Lessons from the Trenches

Technically News - 2/14

This week in Technically News: NIST Releases Cybersecurity Framework; Who Bears Blame for Data-Center Consolidation Setbacks?; Cybersecurity Trends for 2014; The Outlook for Government IT Spending in 2014; DLT Solutions Offers Amazon Cloud Services to Texas Schools, Public Sector

Technically News - 12/9

This week in Technically News: Battling Malware and Madware; Is PaaS the Savior of the Federal Datacenter Consolidation Initiative; Symantec Gets FISMA Certification for Shared Service Products; 7 IT Strategies for 2014; Less Malware Predicted for 2014 But New Tactics Emerge.

Technically News – 9/23

This week in Technically News: NetApp Outlines Strategy for Data Management Across Clouds; Major Changes Ahead as NIST Cybersecurity Framework Nears Oct. Publication; State Finds Power in Data Center Consolidation; More Than 1 in 5 Cyber Jobs Vacant at Key DHS Division; Cybersecurity Depends on Smarter Design, NIST Fellow Says.

Technically News – 7/29

This week in Technically News: Federal IT Efforts Slowed by Weak CIO Roles, Uneven Reporting; Cybersecurity: You Can't Firewall Human Nature; FBI Data Center Efficiency Program the Way of the Future; The Positive Side Effects of Data Center Consolidation; Red Hat Exec Debunks Open Source Myth.

Technically News - 7/22

This week in Technically News: Cloud Solutions Grab Big Slice of Government IT Budgets; Despite Sequestration, Cybersecurity Funding Growing; IRS Needs Better Data Center Consolidation Plan; Does Your Cybersecurity Strategy Include Shadow IT?; NASA Laser Comm Will Rocket Data To and From Space

Technically News - 6/17

In this week's Technically News: Flexera Software Study Reveals Organizations Are Unprepared for Software License Compliance Risks Arising from Virtualization; Energy Secretary Creates Cybersecurity Council; Federal Consolidation Effort Uncovers Additional 3,000 Data Centers; Federal Agencies Graded on Cybersecurity.

Technically News - 5/27

In this week's Technically News: 5 Reasons the Government Needs to be More Like the Tech Industry; Lawmakers: What’s Still Missing in Data Center Consolidation; 5 Keys to Getting Big Data Under Control; Oracle: 4 Reasons Why Information Silos are Hindering Cloud Advantages; Amazon Web Services Gains FedRAMP Compliance for GovCloud; CloudCheckr Monitors Amazon GovCloud.