Technically News – 7/29

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Federal IT Efforts Slowed by Weak CIO Roles, Uneven Reporting

Government CIOs have it tough. Unlike their private sector counterparts, they face changing legislation from nontechnical lawmakers, constant media pressure, comparisons to fellow government CIOs, a revolving door of coworkers, and a bureaucratic-heavy organizational culture. On top of that, poor reporting undermines their efforts. Members of a House subcommittee heard these complaints and others during a recent presentation on why Federal IT efforts are floundering. Read more on CIO.

Cybersecurity: You Can't Firewall Human Nature

The man who discovered “one of America’s largest security breaches ever” was recently interviewed during Brainstorm Tech Conference. As well as, describing how he and his team discovered the Chinese hack, he discussed the underlying challenge in today’s cybersecurity: people. It’s a topic we’ve talked about before, too. Read Kevin Mandia’s thoughts in this Fortune article.

FBI Data Center Efficiency Program the Way of the Future?

The FBI isn’t letting the data center consolidation initiative’s recent “challenges” deter them from trying to consolidate their own data centers. They are currently seeking solutions to create data processing and energy efficiencies in their Criminal Justice Information System data center. The solicitation mentions that if successful, the Justice Department could use the same method, too. Read more about this on NextGov.

The Positive Side Effects of Data Center Consolidation

As we’ve mentioned in previous Technically News posts, the FDCCI’s data center consolidation efforts are proving difficult. However, there are still proponents of the initiative who point to recent successes and positive side effects from consolidation. Kirit Amin, deputy CIO and chief technology officer for the Commerce Department is one such proponent. Read his optimisitc thoughts on Fed Tech Magazine.

Red Hat Exec Debunks Open Source Myth

Although it’s pretty safe to say that every agency uses some form of open source hardware or software, the idea of open source as a reliable option is still dogged by skepticism. Paul Smith, Vice President and General Manager of Red Hat’s U.S. Public Sector businesses, was interviewed by Future Gov. Read how he debunks open source myths here.