Technically News - 6/17

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Flexera Software Study Reveals Organizations Are Unprepared for Software License Compliance Risks Arising from Virtualization

A recent Flexera Software report found a staggering “43% of organizations do not have sufficient processes and automation in place to manage their virtual licenses.” This leaves their software licenses vulnerable to lapses. With vendors having their own licenses, not managing them can prove far costlier than the savings you get from virtualization.

Energy Secretary Creates Cybersecurity Council

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz takes cybersecurity very seriously. Last week, he announced the creation of a cybersecurity council, unifying the Energy Department’s various agencies to increase their security. “I look forward to building councils of advisers that will provide enterprise-wide advice and analysis on issues ranging from cybersecurity to the management of the National Labs,” Moniz said. Read more at The Hill.

Federal Consolidation Effort Uncovers Additional 3,000 Data Centers

Three years ago, the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative began. A few weeks ago, the government thought they were almost 50% to their goal. Last week it was announced that not only were they behind their target, but now they’ve uncovered 3,000 more data centers. Federal Times has the report. Bonus: Read GCN’s government data center timeline going back three years.

Federal Agencies Graded on Cybersecurity

The latest cybersecurity progress report from the White House shows that while agencies are making progress toward safer networks and data protection, they still lag behind goals set for 2014. The White House named three key areas to focus on: trusted internet connections, continuous monitoring, and strong authentication. They expect agencies to achieve 95% implementation of these capabilities. Information Week has the breakdown of where agencies stand midway through the year.