Technically News - 4/18

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Gartner: 10 Trends for Smarter Government

Last week, Gartner identified 10 technology trends in government and how IT managers can use them. Among their 10 were personal mobile workplace, mobile citizen engagement, and hybrid IT and cloud. Read all 10 here.

Middleware Integrates Systems Across Cloud, Internet of Things

Red Hat recently released new middleware tools developed to make it easier “to connect big enterprise systems, from on-premise to cloud to hybrid environments.” “Our goal is to simplify integration and provide consistent, reliable and highly interoperable connections to all facets of the enterprise, and in doing so, unlock the value of existing assets and enable faster innovation,” said Mike Piech, general manager, middleware, Red Hat. Read more here.

Is Limiting Damage the Best Hope for Cybersecurity?

Symantec recently released their 2014 Internet Security Threat Report. The report proves the saying, “What was once old is new again,” as it outlines many forms of cyber attacks that were used in the past and are coming back in evolved ways. This leads GCN to ask if there’s hope for any real protection. Read their thoughts here.

Data Center Consolidation Best Practices: Lessons from the Trenches

Though data center consolidation has proven difficult for the federal government, industry has seen greater success. Tech Target recently carried a story about best practices and lessons learned from companies who have been successful. Read it here.