What’s this Data Masking All about Anyway?

So you’ve got all sorts of endpoint controls and continuous monitoring solutions in place across your agency’s IT environment. Great! Sounds like you’ve got a good security posture going on.

But is your data actually as secure as you think it is? Unfortunately, not.

If there’s one thing that cyberattacks on government systems have taught us in the past few years is that the biggest threat doesn’t come from rogue hackers or nations, it comes from within.

7 Free eBooks that Demystify Public Sector IT Trends

Who doesn’t love a freebie! But what about a freebie that can actually help you make better decisions about your technology purchases – whether you’re a CIO, program manager, IT manager or end user.

DLT has assembled a large selection of eBooks that set about to demystify technology concepts – from cloud computing to continuous monitoring, and more. We help you go beyond lofty concepts and get down to the nitty gritty of how your agency can find and make the best of its investments.

Why You Shouldn’t Just Rely on the Open Source Community to Harden Code

Responsibility for secure open software is, well, complicated,” writes Government Computer News. It’s not just complicated; it’s also perhaps one of the most misunderstood aspects of open source software development.

You’ve no doubt read that open source software (OSS) is more secure than proprietary software because the code is genuinely hardened thanks to reviewers in the open source community who have tested it, tried to break it, and then fixed the problems they uncover.