[Now On-Demand] How to Handle Each Phase of a Challenging Roadway Project

As BIM gains ground in transportation infrastructure, with 52% of contractors now deploying it in their projects, BIM is fast becoming a “must-have” – reducing risk and waste, and enabling a more responsible way to design, build, operate and maintain roads, bridges, and more.

But how does that translate to the nuts and bolts of on-the-ground real-life projects? How and where does BIM fit into the lifecycle of a project? And, how can you use BIM to connect each phase for more effective results.

Smart Cities are a Hacker’s Playground – Here’s What You Can Do

It’s clear that smart technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the future of our communities. But, is your agency ready for the billions – soon to be trillions – of sensors and devices connected to one another that will transform our society?

The risks of a breach or attack, particularly to vulnerable network endpoints, are worrying and costly.  Impacts include:

[Webinar] Army Chief Discusses How Agencies Can Lay Foundations for Next Gen Data Center

Hybrid clouds are increasingly seen by government agencies as a comfortable solution to both their desire and mandates to move to the cloud. Highly sensitive data can be stored on-premises in a private cloud – using their existing infrastructure – while lower risk data and non-sensitive computing workloads can be placed in the public cloud or where they fit best. Hybrid clouds also let agencies quickly move when situations change.

How to Achieve NIST Compliance in the Cloud - On-Demand Webinar

In our recent webinar, three industry experts dissected the recently revised primary standard for security controls for federal information systems, NIST 800-53 revision 4. As more agencies in the public sector and their partners move to the cloud, security remains a top concern. Thought leaders from DLT, AWS and Evident.io exchanged perspectives on what NIST 800-53 compliance means for government agencies and private organizations alike.

Co-Author Revit BIM Models in the Cloud and Get Better BIM Team Collaboration

If you’re looking for your investment in BIM to pay off even more, the answer may be in the cloud. That’s because several of the biggest challenges for building design teams can be solved through cloud-based collaboration.

Keeping everyone on the same page in the face of multiple documents and files are two of the top concerns that keep AEC professionals awake at night according to Autodesk sources, here are some more:

[Webinar] How State Agencies Can Assess their Cloud Readiness Factor

Is your state or local agency ready for the cloud? Whether you’re thinking of moving to a SaaS email system or migrating data to cloud storage and processing platforms, a cloud readiness assessment might be in order.

Before you make the move to the cloud, risks need to be assessed and technical readiness must be considered. In-house expertise must be aligned and security concerns overcome. Then there’s the matter of data governance. Not forgetting your procurement team who must familiarize themselves with cloud models, contracts, and billing.

Got Database Bloat or Health Issues?

“Big data” and the rise in demand for database services puts increasing pressure on IT departments. End users demand access to data at higher speeds and management wants that data delivered and managed at a lower operational cost.

Data stores are expanding at an exponential rate, compromising the performance of servers and applications. This growth also adds to the daily challenges and pains that administrators face – maintaining database health while meeting ever-evolving mission requirements.