Smart Cities are a Hacker’s Playground – Here’s What You Can Do

It’s clear that smart technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the future of our communities. But, is your agency ready for the billions – soon to be trillions – of sensors and devices connected to one another that will transform our society?

The risks of a breach or attack, particularly to vulnerable network endpoints, are worrying and costly.  Impacts include:

• Reputation damage which could impact funding.
• The cost of breach remediation which, right now, averages $4 million per incident.
• The unavailability or unreliability of critical citizen services.
• Loss of grant funding or punitive damages due to non-compliance with federal and state requirements.

DLT and Forescout Technologies have joined forces to bring you an on-demand webinar – Smart Cities: A Hacker’s Playground – that explores the role of government in using, exploiting, controlling and surviving the hyper-connected world of IoT and how it will affect our communities.

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