Channel Partners, Digital Design May 27, 2021
This interview was originially posted by GovDesignHub here.
Digital Design May 27, 2021
Article authored by Dan Williams and originally posted to GovDesignHub here. On April 6, 2021, Autodesk Vault 2022 was released. And I have to say that it is easily the most feature-rich release in recent memory.
Digital Design May 26, 2021
Prior to 3D printing’s arrival on the manufacturing scene, the US military supply chain was often met with lengthy and arduous timelines for critical asset production. This not only stalled the manufacture and repair of essential equipment within the military supply chain, but it also impeded military readiness, and with high price tags to boot.
News May 26, 2021
DLT's Josh Tehan has experienced every parent’s worst nightmare – being told your child has cancer. His son, Ethan, who is now cancer-free, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) at the age of 3 and underwent three years of chemotherapy.  Now that Ethan is living the life of a typical, healthy 15-year-old, his dad wants to help other children and parents going through blood cancer treatment by raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS).   
IT Infrastructure April 27, 2021
Article originally posted by TDS here.  In the last year, thanks to the pandemic, disruption has been the main driver of change in IT. And enterprise organizations have put increased pressure on their IT leaders more than ever before.
IT Infrastructure April 27, 2021
Article originially posted by Kemp here.
Cybersecurity April 27, 2021
Original article published by Signal Magazine here. Many federal government agencies are interested in improving their cybersecurity by moving to a zero trust architecture model. But such a move, while very beneficial to the organization, is a complex and involved process that requires some fundamental changes in how security and operations are approached, says Don Maclean, chief cybersecurity technologist for DLT Solutions.
Big Data & Analytics April 13, 2021
Exclusive Interview with DLT Chief Data Scientist, Sherry Bennett and Data Coalition CEO, Nick Hart Sherry: Welcome Nick Hart, CEO of the Data Coalition.  Thank you for participating in our interview today to help launch DLT’s inaugural Data Innovations newsletter.  Nick, please tell me a little bit about your professional career in government and how you became CEO of the Data Coalition.
Cybersecurity March 25, 2021
Earlier this year, a downright chilling cyberattack against our nation’s critical infrastructure was exposed and reported in Oldsmar, Florida, a town of fewer than 14,000 people just outside of Tampa. The attack was targeted against a local water treatment facility and – if successful – could have managed to poison the area’s water supply.
Cybersecurity March 25, 2021
According to the 2020 Verizon DBIR, (Data Breach Investigations Report) there were 3,950 confirmed breaches in 2020. The onset of the COVID pandemic resulted in a drastic increase in exploitable vulnerabilities, phishing attempts, ransomware campaigns, and remote compromise attempts.
Application Lifecycle February 25, 2021
In our last article on the GovDevSecOpsHub, we sat down with Peter Archibald, the Regional Sales Manager for DoD and FSI sales at Checkmarx, and Jeff Ingram, a DoD Regional Sales Manager at Checkmarx, to discuss the inclusion of the company’s application security testing (AST) solution in Platform One’s Iron Bank.
Application Lifecycle February 25, 2021
Right in the middle of the holiday season, as much of the world was preparing to take some deserved time off to celebrate with their families and bid 2020 a less-than-fond farewell, some terrible news broke involving a number of government agencies and large enterprises. A common network management platform that is used widely across the public and private sectors had been victim to a supply chain attack, and the networks and data of a large number of users had been compromised.
Application Lifecycle February 25, 2021
There is no lack of high-stress industries and occupations that have to battle against burnout and employee fatigue. They’re problems that face a number of jobs – from hospital staff to airline pilots. But, when you think about occupations that deal with fatigue and burnout, application developers may not be top of mind. However, as the application development process has accelerated, and as dev teams have begun deploying new capabilities, patches, and updates with increased frequency, burnout has become a real problem.
Application Lifecycle, Big Data, Cloud, Cloud Computing, DevSecOps February 1, 2021
2020 was a transformative year for public sector IT. Accelerated by necessity, agencies rapidly scaled and secured their digital ecosystems to accommodate a newly remote workforce. Against this backdrop, significant cybersecurity hacks revealed continued vulnerabilities in the federal supply chain and state and local IT infrastructures. Looking forward there is much work to be done. A new administration, new regulations and continued reliance on the cloud will shape public sector IT through 2021.
Big Data January 29, 2021
This month, DLT Chief Data Scientist Sherry Bennett sat down with Informatica Cheif Strategist for the Public Sector, Mike Anderson to discuss his views on the future of big data in the public sector. Read the exclusive interview below to hear directly from one of the industry's top big data leaders.
Digital Design November 25, 2020
  Article originally posted to the GovDesignHub here.
Digital Design November 25, 2020
Article originially posted to the GovDesignHub here.  
Digital Design November 24, 2020
One of the many challenges that organizations faced this year was the scaling of a remote work model. But with the prospect of life and work returning to normal in the coming months, those same organizations face a new challenge – scaling back up their facilities in a safe way.  To learn more about how facilities and space managers are planning for this prospect, I sat down for a Q&A with Nick Stefanidakis, Vice President of Field Sales & Enablement at SpaceIQ.
Cybersecurity September 29, 2020
“The best virtual experience in cybersecurity” is fast approaching. On October 14-15, the Institute for Critical Infrastructure (ICIT) – the only think tank dedicated exclusively to cybersecurity – hosts its 2020 fall virtual briefing. Co-chaired by DLT, this year’s theme is: “A Secure Roadmap for the Future.” 
Application Lifecycle September 29, 2020
Each month DLT’s GovIT podcast series explores a different technology, what it is and how it can help public sector organizations achieve their monetization goals and accomplish their missions. Recently, our host, Tom Temin, sat down with BMC Software's Jon Powers for a Q&A about security operations or SecOps for the public sector.  Here are some highlights of their discussion. Q: What is SecOps?
Cloud August 28, 2020
Earlier this month, we sat down with Larry Bowles, chief of cloud platforms at Red River to discuss how Red River is helping the public sector accelerate their cloud transformation with multi- and hybrid-cloud solutions. Delivering cloud-agnostic solutions, Red River can help public sector organizations transition to the cloud no matter where they are in the transformation. Read the interview to learn more about how Larry and Red River are helping the public sector—and even learn about their five cloud superpowers! 
Federal Fiscal Year End August 24, 2020
The federal government’s busiest buying season is upon us. Federal fiscal year-end (FFYE) is one of the most stressful times of the year for anyone in the government contracting community, including procurement officials and vendors, with approximately $100 billion spent in the mad rush before budgets expire.