2020 ICIT Briefing: The Best Virtual Experience in Cybersecurity is Coming Soon

September 29, 2020

“The best virtual experience in cybersecurity” is fast approaching. On October 14-15, the Institute for Critical Infrastructure (ICIT) – the only think tank dedicated exclusively to cybersecurity – hosts its 2020 fall virtual briefing. Co-chaired by DLT, this year’s theme is: “A Secure Roadmap for the Future.” 

It’s a one-of-a-kind for the public sector to connect with top cybersecurity experts for a virtual, hands-on collaboration project that addresses cybersecurity in the context of today’s uncertain times. Attendees will walk away with a framework that they can implement immediately (recovery) and learn how to crowdsource solutions for the next crisis (preparedness). 

More than a typical webinar, it’s a unique opportunity to discuss your FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) in this new normal.

Last year’s live event drew cyber experts from across government who shared their insights, questioned our assumptions, and shared food for thought about how the public sector can prepare for a world of omnipresent cyber conflict. 

One such presenter was Daryl Hagley who serves as Director, Mission Assurance and Cyber Deterrence at the DoD Office of the Secretary of Defense. Hagley’s session discussed how warfare has evolved over time with cyber being the newest form of conflict – both on the battlefield and within our homes. Hagley shared how the DoD is working with other agencies to ensure alignment on how it secures not just assets on the network but infrastructure dependencies. Who is best to defend this infrastructure? Is it IT or is it the systems operators who run these systems? How many cyber competencies should these physical infrastructure engineers be trained on?

Hagley also highlighted the importance of testing vendor systems before they are put on DoD networks and holding those vendors accountable using security ratings and the cybersecurity maturity model. 

Finally, Hagley gave a sneak peek into what the future looks like for cyber in DoD and how many of those best practices apply to any agency or organization. 
Check out his lively and interesting session below and register for this year’s ICIT briefing.