Aneesh Chopra Discuses Securing Data to Solve Problems

Pulling guest speakers from industry and the government, GovDefenders held its annual cybersecurity virtual event last month (watch it on-demand here). One of the keynotes was Aneesh Chopra, the first and former Chief Technology Officer of the United States.

During his presentation – The Promise of Open Innovation: Securing Data to Solve Problems – Aneesh touched on’s failure and used the site’s default page message, “The system is down at the moment” as a way to convey the government’s problem getting IT right. He also uses Kodak’s inability to capitalize on inventing the VHR and digital photography because of fear to make points on the government’s ability to see the future but not figuring out how to get there.

He also took time to talk about his work during his years in President Obama’s administration within the context of security and privacy.

Watch the full keynote below!