The State of Phishing Cyber Attacks: An Infographic

Though it’s the oldest hacking trick in the book, phishing cyber attacks are still a nightmare for cybersecurity. That’s because defending against phishing attacks has to come from the individual. Regardless of the number of anti-spam filters your e-mail service offers, the strength of your firewall, or the expertise of your IT department, all of that is in vain if a single person chooses to ignore all the training you’ve offered and clicks on a malicious link.

The below infographic offers a look at what phishing attacks are, how they’re launched, tips to defend yourself, and examples. It’s a useful tool for familiarizing yourself with the attack and for helping others do the same. Please share it and help us educate people on the dangers of phishing.

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Phishing Cyber Attacks Infographic'
Shelby Robinson