10 Things Your Facilities Management Team Can Do to Rock in the Field

The use of building information modeling (BIM) data by building owners and facilities managers is on the rise, a survey by DLT partner, IMAGINiT Technologies reveals. Compared to 2016, the percentage of owners integrating BIM data into facilities management (FM) systems has increased by almost 9%. Yet challenges remain. Many organizations aren’t prepared or equipped to make the process and technology changes required for BIM adoption.

Facilities Management Implementations Expose Data Gaps

The promise of the latest Facilities Management (FM) software is an exciting one of reduced asset and space management costs, increased productivity and a better-managed asset lifecycle.  One downside of implementing new technology is that it increases productivity in one area and exposes or exacerbates bottlenecks or gaps in data or processes in another.  Facilities management implementations have an Achilles’ heel called data.

Building Lifecycle Trends Workshop - Coming to A City Near You

Buildings today have a lot of data associated with them—from Google earth images to floorplans, photos and automated building systems. The question becomes: How do you apply all this information throughout the building lifecycle to reduce costs and redundancy in the design, build and manage process?

That's the focus of a series of upcoming workshops hosted by IMAGINiT Technologies, DLT Solutions, and Archibus coming to a city near you during the month of March.

How Public Sector Facility Owners Can Make the Most of BIM

Skanska USA recently published an insightful blog on how facility owners can make the most of BIM, but did you know that the public sector is actually leading the charge in the adoption of BIM for facilities management? Several agencies and organizations are making use of dynamic BIM models from the design/build stage and even creating post-construction models to help deliver operational and maintenance savings across the lifetime of government buildings.

CAD & GIS News for Govies 2/20

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County Officials Share GIS Data to Bring Efficiencies to Everyday Citizen Life