Close the Gap between Threat Detection and Response with User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Could user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) be the missing piece of the puzzle that security teams have been waiting for in their bid to outmaneuver threat actors?

As the average amount of time passed to identify data breaches caused by malicious attacks reaches staggering proportions (265 days) and the mean amount of time to contain a data breach is measured in months (69 , to be precise), it’s clear that traditional solutions to find threats aren’t fast enough. That’s because most prevention and detection tools are based on signatures and rules, which limit their ability to effectively identify advanced persistent threats.

While those tools are important to collect and aggregate various feeds of log data, their analytical functions are typically focused on real-time alerting using simple correlation rules. Plus, using a security information and event management (SIEM) system alone can result in too many false positives, overwhelming the security and/or IT team with investigating minor issues while the real threat continues to go undetected.

What if you complemented signature and rule-based security with behavioral analysis to detect threats faster and decrease false-positive alerts? This is where UEBA comes into play.

What is UEBA?

Here’s what Gartner says about UEBA:

UEBA successfully detects malicious and abusive activity that otherwise goes unnoticed, and effectively consolidates and prioritizes security alerts sent from other systems.”

UEBA can make automated detection systems such as SIEMs more effective by complementing signature- and rule-based detection with behavioral analysis. By looking at human behavior patterns, UEBA can more easily detect insider threats, targeted attacks and even financial fraud. UEBA helps automate four essential steps for threat hunting; Create hypotheses, investigate, uncover TTPS and inform analytics.

To discover more about UEBA, download this free eBook: User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA): The Heart of Next-Generation Threat Hunting. You’ll learn:

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• Why it's become critical for enterprise security

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• How to use it for streamlined threat detection practices