IT Consolidation

Optimizing government operations is at the heart of the government’s nation-wide initiative to cut waste and reform the way agencies are managing and consolidating data. The Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) is forcing agencies to shut down data centers that are no longer needed, and enhance those that remain. Virtualizing critical applications delivers strategic benefits, and is a key step toward cloud service delivery. These applications also require high levels of security, resiliency, performance and operational efficiency. Condensing your storage space not only decreases your physical footprint, but also drives down costs, creates more efficiency in your systems and for your employees, and lowers your environmental impact. It also enhances your cybersecurity by minimizing lost data.

DLT partners with the top IT providers to offer state-of-the-art products and holistic solutions, combining the expertise of our partners with our own engineers and system architects, for every aspect of IT consolidation. 

Server Consolidation

Many agencies face “server sprawl”: a situation in which multiple, under-utilized servers take up more space and consume more resources than can be justified by their workload. Reports have indicated that many servers typically run at 15-20% of their capacity. In today’s stagnant or decreasing budget environment, many agencies are turning to server consolidation.

Server consolidation reduces the number of physical servers and maximizes the efficiency of your remaining ones, saving you money and resources. To take full advantage of data center consolidation, we recommend server virtualization.

Application Consolidation

Agencies face a growing number of applications, as new software is added each year to their IT portfolio, through either procurement or in-house development. Many IT managers face hundreds, sometimes thousands, of applications they must supervise. With cybersecurity a growing concern, having unmanaged legacy software is a security risk.

Storage Consolidation

With “Big Data” on the horizon, many agencies are increasing their storage availability. However, as more on-premise DAS, NAS, and SAN storage is added, IT departments are finding it more difficult to manage them across the organization, not only increasing inefficiencies, but also increasing the risk of a cyber attack.

Storage consolidation eliminates those concerns by centralizing and standardizing your data. Storage consolidation allows you to achieve scalability, flexibility, and performance from a manageable single system without compromising your data’s security.

Data Center Ops & Consolidation

Federal agencies have been mandated by the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) to shut down and consolidate under-performing data centers, whether your data center consists of a few physical servers and storage arrays, or you have thousands of virtual machines, with virtual switches and multi-vendor storage—we’ve got you covered. We offer solutions for complete, scalable data center performance management. Monitor, alert, and report on the health and performance of all physical and virtual servers in your data center, and maintain day-to-day functionality throughout consolidation.

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