Can't-Miss Sessions at AWS Public Sector Summit

In less than two weeks the DLT team will be attending the annual AWS Public Sector Summit. Like other high-profile gatherings forced to adapt to the ongoing remote lifestyle, this year’s summit will be virtual. Even as a digital experience, I don’t expect this year’s event to be any less impactful.

Teresa Carlson, VP of Worldwide Public Sector at AWS will be the keynote kicking off the day’s events. Directly following attendees will be able to disperse to a “choose your own adventure” experience, following your own interest-based agenda taking part in any of the two-session tracks, virtual booths, zones, and activities.

There will be 25 breakouts in total covering an array of topics such as FedRAMP, AI, Hybrid cloud, data analytics the list goes on. DLT will have a ton of coverage at this year’s event as myself and the team will be taking full advantage of these sessions.

Here is a preview of some of the breakouts we are really looking forward to…

From 10:45 AM-11:15 AM speaker Ana Visneski will be discussing “On the frontlines of disaster response with the cloud”. This session will discuss The AWS Disaster Response program focused on helping public sector organizations. It will include recent use cases and the experiences supporting first responders on the frontlines of disasters, as well as with implementing remote working and education solutions on a global scale. This session was especially interesting because the COVID Pandemic highlighted how most organizations did not have a contingency plan in place for an unforeseen event. I am interested in learning what the biggest challenges were, the lessons learned, and ultimately how DLT can support our customers during the three response stages.

12:10 PM -12:40 PM speaker Jude Sheeran will host “Remote learning: Education on the cloud”. This breakout will share lessons learned from organizations like Firefly and Blackboard, as well as considerations for long-term plans regarding curriculum, assessment and testing availability, resilient systems, security, and identity. DLT has experienced a high demand for remote learning capabilities and I wanted to better understand some of the pitfalls and pain points associated with remote learning and how DLT can help better serve and partner with institutions switching to a virtual curriculum. Mark Larsen, Sales Engineer at DLT had similar sentiments. In addition to the remote workforce, Mark has experienced many of DLT’s higher education customers exploring remote learning and its effects. Mark wants to find useful strategies to keep in mind when working with his many Education customers.

1:30 PM -2:00 PM speaker George Mao leads “Designing Serverless Architectures for Scale and Speed.  Mao will be discussing how Serverless computing has evolved and transformed the way we build applications. This session dives into the latest enhancements to the AWS serverless platform and how its helped organizations. Josh Gazes, Sales Engineer at DLT interest in this breakout came from a recent AWS Lab he attended. Josh had built a serverless web application using S3 and Lambda and wanted to learn about additional use cases where serverless computing can be implemented to simplify new workloads moving into AWS.

12:55 PM – 1:25 PM DLT’s very own Systems Engineer, Greg Hanchin is attending speaker Mark Schwartz breakout on “Shifting culture in the age of transformation”. With the public sector facing challenges addressing cultural change to drive innovation. The cloud and other technologies can have a huge impact on how governments deliver services to constituents. Greg told me he was looking to gain recommendations around how organizations adapt and change to operating in the Cloud.  Gather the best ideas and share with DLT and customers as we build out our practice.

1:30 PM – 2:00 PM Greg will also be attending Nathan McGuirt’s breakout “Using AWS Ground Station to work with openly broadcast science data”. A session demonstrating how to take raw, public satellite data, received via AWS Ground Station, and process it into useable imagery using NASA-provided open source tools. When I asked Greg why he had this on his agenda his response was simple, “This one just seemed plain awesome!”. With Greg being a fan of big data looking for any techniques, tools, or architectures we could leverage at DLT for other agencies using the designs and ideas out of the NOAA Big Data Project.

With the public sector adopting cloud services more rapidly this summit is especially relevant this year. This conference is ideal for anyone new to the cloud or even an experienced user. There is content available wherever you are in your cloud journey. There will be something to be learned and designed specifically to help you develop the right skills to design, deploy, and operate infrastructure and applications.

This is a complimentary event worth taking advantage of. Register for free at the AWS Public Sector Summit Online.