[eBook] Get Insights from Government Data, Before It Perishes and Goes Stale

So much data, so little time. Disparate sources such as sensors, machines, geo-location devices, social feeds, server and security system logs, and more, are generating terabytes of data at unfathomable speeds. Getting any kind of real-time insight and, we dare you to dream, acting on that data as it flows in, is not an easy feat for resource-constrained government agencies.

Data-in-motion is a tricky beast. Yet, managing data flow from multiple and dynamically changing data streams, such as sensors on an IoT device or a database transaction, is a must if agencies are to capture perishable insights – i.e. ingest and process this information in a timely fashion – before its value perishes. As Forrester explains, insights from data and analytics have a limited shelf life. What a sensor senses now may be completely different to what it senses five minutes from now. Agencies need to be able to act on insights before they go stale and are unactionable. This also needs to happen in a compliant, secure, and reliable manner.

It’s complicated. That’s why we teamed with Hortonworks to bring you an easy-to-read eBook that explains how your agency can solve its data flow management challenges and maximize the value of data-in-motion with an extremely scalable, code-free solution.

Download the eBook: Hortonworks Dataflow (HDF) for Govies™ today.