Cybersecurity July 28, 2020
Article by James Hofsiss, CISSP, DLT and Asad Zaman, Sales Engineer III, DLT
Application Lifecycle July 24, 2020
Article originally posted to the GovDevSecOpsHub here.
Application Lifecycle July 15, 2020
Cloud native is transforming how the public sector builds and runs applications bringing agility, flexibility, scalability, and decreased downtime and cost. The de facto foundation of cloud native application development is Kubernetes. But getting started with Kubernetes isn’t as simple as it appears. While it’s relatively uncomplicated to spin up a cluster in the cloud, getting from there to production is a bit more daunting.
Cloud Computing June 24, 2020
Before reading this month's Thought Light interview, we invite you to read about BMC's multi/hybrid cloud initiatives for federal government, click here.    What is BMC and how does it help the public sector?
Digital Design May 20, 2020
Another release of Civil 3D just became available, just as you probably finished installing the latest 2020 “fix.”   That was somewhat sarcastic, but I do some see much needed improvements to Autodesk Civil 3D 2021 and all other 2021 products.  But we can’t just look at what’s new in our hero product, but all other complimentary products as well, so I will briefly mention a few of those. Civil 3D Version Interoperability
Digital Design May 20, 2020
A new version of AutoCAD is now available.
IT Infrastructure April 23, 2020
Working from home is not for everyone. A lack of space, dodgy internet connections, distractions, can all make for an unproductive experience. Employers are struggling too. Few organizations are fully ready to support a remote workforce. Providing employees with laptops and a VPN connection doesn’t go far enough. Yet, organizations, particularly those in the public sector, have traditionally failed to put plans in place to expand their remote employee management infrastructure.
IT Infrastructure April 23, 2020
Software-as-a-service (SaaS) adoption is growing in government. Today, a majority of agencies use SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Cloud G Suite for at least 30% of their mission-critical resources. Yet confusion still reigns around about the data protection in the cloud.
Cloud Computing, DevSecOps, IT Infrastructure April 22, 2020
Cloud governance shouldn’t be an afterthought. Indeed, it should be a foundational element of any cloud security strategy. Why? Because the cloud is enormous – it’s software, hardware, developer tools and platforms, and more. All delivered by a host of vendors.
Cybersecurity March 18, 2020
With the designation of the COVID-19 disease as a global pandemic hotly followed by a declaration of a national emergency by President Trump, the American way of life shifted dramatically – with the home office becoming a new reality for millions. Unfortunately, the rise in the global remote workforce puts more pressure on IT teams, network architectures, and even equipment. But there are also very real cybersecurity challenges to consider.
Application Lifecycle, DevSecOps February 19, 2020
Kubernetes has emerged as the de-facto platform of choice for implementing containerized microservices and accelerating cloud migration. It saves time, is cost-effective, and can run in the cloud or on-premises. No wonder adoption is skyrocketing. In 2019 Kubernetes usage grew almost 50% in the span of just six months.
DevSecOps, Open Source February 14, 2020
You say “DevOps”, I say “what about DevSecOps?”. But neither exists in a silo. If you’re taking advantage of DevOps tools and methods, you need to integrate DevSecOps into the mix. In other words, IT security must play an integrated role in the full lifecycle of your apps. But what is DevSecOps? For this, we turn to DLT partner, Red Hat, who has put together a user-friendly guide to DevSecOps.
IT Infrastructure February 5, 2020
By Brandon Shopp, VP of Product Strategy, SolarWinds Software-defined networking (SDN) offers the promise of improved security, more automation, increased flexibility, and significantly fewer hardware dependencies. Though SDN also offers enhanced management and monitoring capabilities, understanding how to monitor this type of network will be critical to a successful implementation.
Cloud, Cloud Computing January 29, 2020
It has been 10 years since the U.S. government began warming to cloud computing, beginning with the federal Cloud First initiative in 2010 leading to today’s Cloud Smart strategy – a game plan for bringing processes and applications into a new hardware environment.But to take advantage full advantage of a cloud-driven ecosystem, the government must have more than just a cloud strategy. Agencies also need a data strategy.What is a cloud data strategy?
Big Data, Big Data & Analytics January 27, 2020
Is data the new bacon? The world’s most valuable resource? That fuel that powers the digital enterprise? The most successful companies in the world – Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, etc. – use data to drive business strategies. Being insight-driven isn’t just the domain of consumer tech. Government agencies rely on data to make informed and quick decision making, enhance productivity, improve transparency and build trust with citizens, eliminate fraud and abuse, reduce crime and security threats, and more.
IT Perspective December 16, 2019
SolarWinds (NYSE:SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today announced that the SolarWinds® Orion® Suite for Federal Government v4.0 is undergoing evaluation for Common Criteria to Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 2+ under the Netherlands Scheme for Certification in the Area of IT Security (NSCIB).
Cloud December 12, 2019
Hot off the heels of last week’s Amazon Web Services re:Invent conference, we sat down with DLT’s Chief Technology Officer, David Blankenhorn, to discuss the current state of the Cloud and what drivers will fuel more innovation and adoption for the U.S. public sector in 2020. There have been a few big agenda items for the cloud community to digest this year – what is the current state of U.S. public sector cloud adoption and usage?
Internet of Things December 2, 2019
By Mav Turner, Group Vice President, Products, MSP, SolarWinds Government networks—like nearly all networks—are growing larger, more complex, and more distributed. As you can imagine, this growth and complexity make these networks much more difficult to manage.
Cybersecurity December 2, 2019
By Brandon Shopp, VP, Product Strategy, SolarWinds Is unnecessary complexity making Office 365 monitoring a headache for your agency? A new presidential mandate requires federal agencies to “transform and modernize” their IT systems, with the goal of creating a more streamlined, cost-efficient, and secure IT environment.
Uncategorized November 5, 2019
By Mav Turner, VP, Product Management, SolarWinds For federal IT pros, moving to a cloud environment is a “when” rather than an “if” proposition. From the government’s recently released Report on IT Modernization, calling for agencies to identify solutions to current barriers regarding agency cloud adoption, to the White House’s draft release of a new “Cloud Smart” policy, which updates the “Cloud First” policy introduced in 2010; cloud migration continues to be a priority.
Cybersecurity October 23, 2019
This is a repost of a blog originally posted to GovLoop here. This blog post is an excerpt from our new report, How Artificial Intelligence Combats Fraud and Cyberattack, download the full report here.
Cybersecurity October 17, 2019
*Article written by Jim Hansen, VP of Products, Security and Application Management
Cybersecurity October 10, 2019
This month, DLT sat down with James Ebeler, the Chief Technology Officer, Department of Defense, for Iron Bow Technologies. In this interview, James discusses the cybersecurity challenges facing our military and how Iron Bow is helping solve them with innovative solutions. DLT: Good morning, James. Thanks for joining us today for this interview. James: Good morning, happy to be here. DLT: Fantastic, let’s dive right in. First, can you tell us about your role at Iron Bow Technologies?
Cybersecurity October 10, 2019
*Article originally posted on GovCybersecurityHub here.
IT Perspective September 10, 2019
It’s the most wonderful time of the year…as the song goes and that is also true of the U.S. Federal IT market right now. The month of September marks the end of the fiscal year and the beginning of the federal government’s annual spending frenzy. Federal agencies scramble to spend what’s left in their budgets, in fear that leaving excess funds will prompt Congress to send less in the following year. We call it “use it or lose it” spending, and it happens every year.
Data & Storage, Infrastructure August 5, 2019
DLT Solutions recently sat down with NetApp Senior Director of U.S. Public Sector Channel Sales, David Drahozal, to discuss the recent revolution of NetApp's data fabric solutions. DLT: So David, tell us a little about what you do at NetApp. David: For over a decade, I’ve had the privilege of leading the US Public Sector channel here at NetApp.  Its been a real exciting time as we have evolved from a NAS company to a leader in the consolidated virtualized data center, to today being a leader in hybrid cloud capabilities.
Cybersecurity, IT Perspective August 2, 2019
Every Federal IT pro knows that security threats are a top agency priority. Yet, according to the SolarWinds 2019 Cybersecurity Survey, those threats are increasing—particularly the threat of accidental data exposure from people inside the agency.
Cybersecurity July 31, 2019
Capital One has announced that about 140,000 Social Security numbers and 80,000 linked bank accounts were compromised “in one of the biggest-ever data breaches,” affecting some 100 million individuals in the U.S. and 6 million in Canada.
Cybersecurity, Healthcare July 29, 2019
More and more organizations are making the move to cloud-based security solutions. Today, 33 percent of organizations are planning to adopt one or more security-as-a-service (SECaaS) solutions. The efficiency with which endpoint security solutions can provide protection, particularly when delivered as-a-service, is a key strategic consideration for many organizations – perhaps none more so than America’s network of medical schools and teaching hospitals.
Business Applications July 11, 2019
If your agency has already implemented some form of application security, you’re already ahead of the curve. But your program may still have room for improvement. To help you take your application security (AppSec) program to the next level, we’ve put together this list of best practices from DLT partner, Veracode. 1. Shift Left
IT Perspective July 11, 2019
DLT Solutions recently sat down with Red Hat Chief Technologist, North America Public Sector, David Egts, to discuss the recent release of Red Hat OpenShift.   DLT: So David, tell us a little about what you do at Red Hat.
Infrastructure, IT Perspective June 27, 2019
A vast majority of government networks are driven by Microsoft products, from Office 365 to the Azure cloud platform. It should come as no surprise, then, that more and more agencies are looking for tools to monitor Microsoft systems more effectively—all through a single pane of glass. The good news is there are ways to make the most of existing Microsoft technology with complementary monitoring strategies that will meet the needs of the federal IT operations security teams, SysAdmins, DevOps pros, and managers.
Cloud Computing June 6, 2019
The AWS Public Sector Summit is just around the corner. Part of a global series of summits, this year’s event in Washington, D.C. brings the public sector cloud community together to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS. DLT will be exhibiting at the Summit this year with its technology vendors including AWS, Crowdstrike, NetApp, Quest, and more in booth #800.
IT Perspective June 6, 2019
Bringing government-ready solutions that solve the unique needs of the government in addition to having superior public sector expertise is our bread and butter. But DLT is also a powerhouse government distributor and a vital part of the government marketing ecosystem. But what does that mean for OEMs and IT companies seeking to break into or grow their public sector market footprint?
Buildings, Business Applications May 7, 2019
Over 900 million people around the globe live in sub-adequate housing that lacks necessary sanitation and water. By 2025, that number is expected to grow to 1.6 billion – a fifth of the world’s total population.
Uncategorized May 7, 2019
Earlier this year DLT announced they were selected as the “Master Government Aggregator”
Business Applications, Uncategorized May 7, 2019
Not all Ivy League schools have massive endowments and bank accounts. Some have to get more creative when looking to build new facilities on a budget – or simply embrace innovative new approaches to design and construction. And that’s exactly what Brown University did when they decided to build their new Engineering Research Center – a state of the art facility designed to help the university attract the most talented engineering faculty, researchers and students.
IT Perspective April 15, 2019
Congress and the Trump administration may not agree on much, but everyone wants to keep pressing federal agencies to strive for modernization with their information technology systems. In hearings just this month, for example, members of the House Veterans Affairs Committee bore in on VA’s struggle to replace its electronic health record system and to modernize its legacy financial and other administrative systems.
Big Data April 10, 2019
Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) could very well be the next major technological advancements that change the way federal IT pros work. These technologies can provide substantial benefits to any IT shop, particularly when it comes to security, network, and application performance.
Cloud Computing February 20, 2019
For the last few weeks, the federal IT industry has been trying to decipher the 18-page “DOD Cloud Strategy”. It is dated December 2018 but was posted online this month. Among the initial reactions:
Cybersecurity February 14, 2019
The rising numbers of data breaches should come as no surprise to federal IT security pros who work every day to ensure agency information is secure. However, these breaches may not be something a federal IT team can prevent on its own.
Big Data & Analytics February 14, 2019
The database is at the heart of every application; when applications are having performance issues, there’s a good chance the database is somehow involved. The greater the depth of insight a federal IT pro has into its performance, the more opportunity to enhance application performance. Every federal IT pro collects (or, should collect) database performance information. Yet, there is a dramatic difference between simply collecting data and correlating and analyzing that data to get actionable results.
Big Data & Analytics, Cybersecurity January 31, 2019
Expert Panel: The Challenges and Opportunities for Modernizing Data Protection As online data has become ubiquitous, managing that data has become as important an endeavor as amassing and storing it. A host of issues surround data management, not the least of which is security. But many others loom as data increases exponentially both in size and in importance.
Cloud Computing January 24, 2019
Article by Brandon Shopp, Vice President, Product Strategy, SolarWinds A recent report regarding the modernization of Federal Information Technology (IT), coordinated by the American Technology Council (ATC) last year, called for agencies to “identify solutions to current barriers regarding agency cloud adoption.”
Cybersecurity January 16, 2019
Article written by Jim Hansen, VP of Products, Security, SolarWinds Earlier this year, the Department of Defense (DoD) released a policy memo stating that DoD personnel—as well as contractors and visitors to DoD facilities—may no longer carry mobile devices in areas specifically designated for “processing, handling, or discussion of classified information.”
IT Perspective October 31, 2018
Last month, we sat down with DLT Chief Technology Officer David Blankenhorn to get his insight on DLT's evolution to a government solutions aggregator. Tell me a little bit about DLT’s movement to an aggregator model. Why is that important?
IT Perspective September 6, 2018
With federal fiscal year-end (FFYE) right around the corner, at DLT we’re committed to making the job of the procurement officer as easy as possible as they scramble to make smart and responsible purchasing decisions with remaining taxpayer dollars.
Federal Fiscal Year End, IT Perspective August 28, 2018
If you’re a technology solutions provider, we hope you had a great summer and managed to squeeze in some time off, because the busy season is here, and September has already been a frenzy. Work is already a top source of stress for many Americans, but right now government procurement teams face enormous pressure as they rush to negotiate and award contracts while ensuring regulatory compliance before the federal fiscal year ends on September 30th.
IT Perspective August 21, 2018
This week we sat down with DLT Senior Director of Program Management, Steve Wells, to discuss how DLT's contract expertise can be beneficial to its technology company clients and public sector customers, particularly as we approach the end of the Federal Fiscal Year. We also discussed Steve's military career, of which he just celebrated a major milestone. Interviewer: Hi Steve, thanks for sitting down with us today. To start, why don’t you tell us a little bit about what you do at DLT.
Technology August 6, 2018
The 2018 federal busy season, or FFYE, is upon us. With almost one-third of agency dollars being awarded during the last quarter of the fiscal year, this is peak buying season and the busiest time of year for federal procurement officers.