An Internet of Things Demo Jam: Setting the Stage

On October 18th, DLT competed at a fun and spirited “Demo Jam” contest during the Red Hat’s public sector annual meeting at Kingsmill.  The demo had to be live, no longer than eight minutes and had to showcase at least one Red Hat product.  We included nine Red Hat products, plus quite a few other technologies, taking a lighthearted look at the internet of things.  Against stiff competition and by audience selection, we won first place!  Unfortunately, the audio on any recording of the event itself was drowned out by cheers, tambourines and cow bells, so we decided to make a professional video of the demo to share.

For the curious and technologically inclined, and in the spirit of “open source”, I have uploaded all of the code and build instructions onto my GitHub account across nine repositories; starting here.  And over the next couple of blog posts, I will explore the technologies behind this demo in more depth, but for now, please enjoy.