Technically Speaking - 8/5

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Striking The Right Balance Between BYOD & Security

How do you encourage “Bring-Your-Own-Device” (BYOD) policies within your agency, yet at the same time, ensure your networks and data are secure? Computer World recently tackled that question by offering three options: don’t do BYOD, secure the device itself, or secure the data. We think a combination of the later two.

Q&A: HHS CTO Bryan Sivak On Disrupting Government Culture

Technology has disrupted almost every conceivable industry and sector. However, there are two places holding out: health and government. Bryan Sivak, CTO of Health and Human Resources, one of the key influences at the intersection, plans to shake them up. Read how in his Q&A with Gov Health IT.

Big Data – Big Exposure. What Can You Do About It?

Big data, in its purest form, will change the world. However, amassing that much data and storing it will have big implications on government cybersecurity. And securing big data usually involves cloud computing and virtualization, adding additional layers onto already complicated security architectures. GCN, while not having the answer to the problem, provides a good starting point. Read about it here.

NIST Cybersecurity Center Moves Into High Gear

Last year, NIST launched the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCOE), dedicated to “furthering innovation through the rapid identification, integration, and adoption of practical cybersecurity solutions.” FCW recently interviewed Donna Dodson, acting director of the NCCOE, about the center.

Do We Need a US Department of Technology?

Nitin Pradhan, the Department of Transportation’s Chief Information Officer, has a strangely simple thought: why don’t we have a US Department of Technology? IT is such a huge driver in our economy that it would only make sense, right? Last week, Nitin worked out his ideas in an Information Week article. Do you agree with him?

Virtualization Has Changed Disaster Recovery: 15 Data Points

Oh for the days of dedicated server hardware and wasted resources – said very few organizations. Virtualization, while not always as easy as how-to articles make it out to be, is changing the data center landscape for the better. It’s more efficient, cheaper, and easier to secure. Now, eWeek has highlighted the disaster recovery benefits of virtualization. Read the article here.