Technically News – 10/28

October 28, 2013

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What To Do When Your Computer Gets Kidnapped By Ransomware

Ransomware is running rampant; Kevin Haley, director of security response at Symantec, says, “It’s probably the number one, end-user cybercrime now.” Our CTO wrote about it in December. Last week, the San Jose Mercury News wrote about combating the problem once you fall victim. Check it out.

Why the US Government Needs a “Digital Core”

What’s the difference between a government that’s tech-savvy and one that’s tech-centric? Gizmodo explores the gap in an op-ed piece from last week. They argue that instead of outsourcing all the government’s tech needs, they should instead hire an “in-house team of experts.” Do you agree?

Google or Microsoft? Army Users Get Choice

Information Week has an article up about the Army’s new blanket purchase agreement for non-Defense Enterprise Email users. Through this new contract, the Army has a choice between Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365. Find out the details by reading this article.

8 Areas for Improvement in Securing Critical Infrastructure

At this point, we’ve read the NIST cybersecurity framework a half a dozen times; we’ve read all the critiques; and we have ventured our own opinions about it. The conversation over on GCN focuses on Appendix C, the area dedicated to “Areas for Improvement.” Their list includes authentication and supply chain risk management. What are yours?

Stabilizing DHS Cybersecurity Leadership

With everything happening at the DHS, GovInfoSecurity knows exactly where new DHS secretary, Jeh Johnson, should concentrate: cybersecurity leadership stability. While that usually means a simple messaging consistency, for the DHS (and most agencies) they mean reducing turnover – a slightly more complicated task. Read what other government IT security experts say by checking out the article.