Technically News - 11/4

November 4, 2013

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The Danger of Cybersecurity 'Ghettos'

In a flat and wired world, we are only as strong as the people we’re connected to, which is why Allan Friedman wrote a research paper warning us about cyber ghettos. He looked into the future and found the gap that has plagued us since civilization: rich and poor. Except, in a cyber ghetto, violence doesn’t grow insular, it grows outwardly across networks. CSO talks about Allan’s paper in depth; check it out.

Federal Tiger Team Crafted Mobile Security Guidelines

The Mobile Technology Tiger Team is not a Chuck Norris comeback movie. It’s a group of specialist who “developed a common, government-wide policy for mobile security.” They were recently recognized at the 2013 (ISC)2 U.S. Government Information Security Leadership Awards for their work. Information Week writes why.

Mellanox Optimizes Network Gear for OpenStack

Mellanox’s new InfiniBand and Ethernet adapter and switch components were developed to work with open-source cloud infrastructure OpenStack. And the premier OpenStack solution provider, Red Hat, recently certified the technology under their own guidelines. Data Center Dynamics has the story.

Why We Need Digital Government Strategy 2.0

While the government may not seem like it, they are an early adopter of technology. They were experimenting with computers, GPS, and mobile technology while most of us clung to pencil and paper. Tom Suder sees that phase of government advancement as version 1.0. Last week, he outlined his vision for digital government 2.0. You can read it here.

Federal Agencies Advised To Brace For Big Data

The media will have you believe that big data is just on the horizon where the image begins to shimmer. It’s not true. Big data is here, what’s next is merely bigger data. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration collects more than 3.5 billion observations a day. Collecting is the easy part, it’s the network bandwidth and processing that keeps federal CIOs up at night. Read about a recent panel that discussed this last week.

DLT, NetApp Unveil Cloud Storage Suite for Govt Market

Most IT managers mistake the term “as-a-service” to mean cloud. NetApp and DLT are teaming up to remind them that the term really describes a payment process. Storage-as-a-Service, from the two companies, offers rentable private storage to agencies whose expenditure funding is low, but whose operational budgets remain intact. Read more about it on Executive Biz.