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Cybersecurity Framework: What’s Next?

Last week, we reported on the official release of NIST’s cybersecurity framework. While a great next step, it’s not a forced step, so agency’s can choose to adopt whatever parts they wish, if they adopt any at all, which is why GovInfoSecurity simply wants to know, “What’s next?”

How Big Data is Remaking the Government Data Center

We’ve talked about the challenged federal data center consolidation ongoing project. Now, GCN is exploring how big data is influencing the technology behind those data centers still around. Find out here.

Survey Shows Government Pipelines Not Ready for Data-Heavy Projects

Government organizations from federal down to local and including education are pressured to adopt new data collecting technologies to improve analytics, security, and efficiency. However, a recent survey found that they don’t have the networking infrastructure in place for those IT changes. Read why at IT Business Edge.

Red Hat CEO Addresses Big Data’s Chicken-and-Egg Question

Do you gather data first or figure out what you want to do with it? Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat’s CEO, knows: Collect it. “If you have data and make it available and useful, people will figure out what to do with it.” Read more on Network World.

Kiss Passwords Goodbye: A Single Sign-On Future Is Within Reach

Passwords have served digital identity management well since the inception of online personal profiles and transactions. However, with more sensitive data online, evolving threats, and consolidated identities, passwords aren’t secure enough. Peter McDonald, Symantec’s digital identity practice manager, gives his opinion in a recent interview.'