Technically News - 5/9

May 12, 2014

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Open Government Week Starts May 12

From May 12-23, is dedicating itself to "Open Government Week." Visit daily to read new articles, case studies, and projects exploring the subject. They'll start by answering the simple question, "What is open government?" and move on from there to more complicated topics. Click here to read more, and we'll see you there all next week!

White House Big Data Report Earns Praise, Skepticism

The White House recently released a big data report that's divided interested parties. It recognizes the benefits big data and analytics will have on a wide range of organizations including education and government, but also calls for rules governing its impact on privacy. Critics are now concerned about over-regulation which they claim could hinder innovation in the field. Read more here.

The Converging Worlds of Technology and Government

Last week, former federal chief technology officer Aneesh Chopra was a keynote speaker at this year's GovDefenders event. He also appeared on Bloomberg to discuss what the government's views are on technology and where he sees both coming together. Watch that interview here.