Technically News – 7/25

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US Federal Gov Failure to Leverage Cloud May Cost Up to $19B

Last week, MeriTalk and AT&T claimed that the federal government is missing out on almost $19B in IT savings from cloud technology. Recent research commissioned by the two indicated that three of every four federal agencies use  at least one cloud service, but that staff are not as aggressive. Business Cloud News has the fully summary.

Federal IT Networks: Simpler Is Better

Could IT networks be the main reason why the government isn’t deploying more new technologies? That may be an oversimplification, but a recent MeriTalk survey found it’s at least part of the problem. A whopping 74% of IT execs said their network was either complex or very complex.

IT Stockholm Syndrome is Slowing Down Reform of Bad Practice in Government

Finally, we present you an article on government IT psychology. Though it’s focused on the UK, the idea of government agencies not moving away from the historical big IT companies – even as they publicly claim they will – is still relevant here. Give it a read and let us know what you think.'