Technically News – 2/18

February 18, 2013

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Cloud Superstars Have Their Heads in the Cloud

Many VARs market themselves as cloud providers because at least one of the products they offer is a cloud-based solution. But, it’s not enough to simply sell cloud – you must have a deep understanding of the technology and how it applies to your customers. That’s why companies like DLT Solutions, who holistically understand the technology, were recently recognized by CRN as Cloud Computing Superstars.

Why You Should Pay for Open Source Software

Red Hat earns money by selling products based on open source. But if the source technology is free, why pay for them? CIO has the answer with Six Reasons to Pay for Open Source Software. Among them: enterprise-grade support, input into new features, and integrated hardware and software solutions.

Identity Management is Complicated

With BYOD and cloud adoption growing at a rate only slower than sophisticated cyberattacks, the need for stronger identity management is paramount. However, the range of devices in the workplace, multiple new technologies in use, a lack of standards, and weak policies have made it very difficult. GCN explains why “It’s Complicated.”

Converged Infrastructure is the Future of Data Centers

As more data centers look to reduce power and space, while at the same time increase performance and efficiency from a virtualized environment, converged infrastructure is quickly becoming the next step. A data center supporting critical agencies in Avondale, AZ turned to NetApp’s FlexPod. GCN explains why.

Red Hat’s Jim Whitehurst Looks 20 Years Into the Future

Most CEOs are reluctant to look five years into the future. Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat, not only looks 20 years into the future, he also takes time to think about how people will get there. Topics he ponders include: Who will own big data; who will own enterprise technology; and big changes for the IT “factory.” ReadWrite has the full transcript.

12 IT Predictions from the Federal Government

Anthony Calabrese, a digital communications manager at the US Department of Health and Human Services and colleagues from the HHS’s Digital Communications Division and the Federal Web Managers Council wrote their big ideas for 2013. Predictions include: new official titles, analytics will impact social media strategies, and infographics will grow in importance to explain policies. Read all 12 on GovTech.