Technically News - 7/8

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Google Adds BYOD Management Tools for Android

BYOD is here to stay. The acronym doesn’t even need to be explained any longer. So how do you manage 80% of your coworkers bringing devices into your IT environment? Google hopes their new management tool set for Android is a step in the right direction. Read about it on eWeek.

4 Government Programs that Drive Innovation

Forbes has a great article reminding people that government drives as much innovation as the private sector. They list the top four government programs still driving new technologies: DARPA, NIH, In-Q-Tel, and SBIR. Find out who they are and what they do by reading the article here.

CIA, NSA See Benefits in Double-Barreled Approach to the Cloud

Avoiding “the tyranny of one.” That’s how Gus Hunt, CTO of the CIA, references their cloud strategy. This will be approached by having a two-cloud strategy. The NSA is building an OpenStack system for the intelligence community and the CIA is looking to utilize a commercial provider. Read more about their strategy by heading over to GCN.

Top 10 Virtualization Killers

Did you know that nine in 10 government virtualization initiatives never reach production? That in seven out of 10 cases, paper studies stop a project before a pilot can begin? FCW explores why these numbers are so high. Among their reasons: complexity, power, and cooling.

Can State & Local Govs Benefit From the US Commerce Department’s Cybersecurity Program?

Getting hacked is inevitable said Michigan CSO Dan Lohrmann. Cybersecurity aid may be on the way for the local and state agencies, but not from within. The US Department of Commerce (DoC) has created a training initiative that meets all the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) requirements, which also means it satisfies the guidelines established by NIST. The DoC is making all its training materials free for state and local governments. Learn more by reading this GovTech article.

Oracle Launches Database 12c for Clouds

Oracles’ new state-of-art database 12c is going to solve challenges agencies face when consolidating databases in private clouds. The company is citing improved efficiency, lower management costs, and autonomy of separate databases as benefits. Read more about their newest product launch at Business Recorder.