Technically News - 2/28

February 28, 2014

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DHS Offers Incentive to Adopt Framework

How do you encourage agencies to adopt a cybersecurity framework the federal government can’t enforce? You offer them an incentive. It came out earlier in the week that the Department of Homeland Security will offer free managed cybersecurity services to local, state, and territorial governments who adopt the cybersecurity framework. Read more on GovInfo Security.

Red Hat Answers Governments’ Open Source Questions

Although interviewed by Future Gov Asia, Harish Pillay, Red Hat’s Global Head for Community Architecture and Leadership, and Damien Wong, General Manager for ASEAN, answered questions pertaining to open source that many in the US ask. Questions included: “How can open source bring added-value at the enterprise level with minimal IT cost?” and “Since the code is out in the open, won’t it be easier for people to hack the system?” Read the interview here.

NetApp in the Cloud Age: CEO Tom Georgens Q&A

Continuing our interview trend, we have another, this time focused on NetApp and the cloud. Tom Georgens, CEO of NetApp, was recently interviewed by Information Week. He discussed storage potentially moving from hardware to software due to cloud technology and what elements of storage are moving to the cloud rather than staying on-premise. Read the full interview on Information Week.

Symantec's Vision of Enterprise Security Rests Upon Collaboration, Sharing Data

Symantec, one of the world’s premier cybersecurity companies, laid out a hard truth: “We’re fighting an asymmetric battle,” said Stephen Trilling, senior vice president of security intelligence and technology at Symantec at the recent 2014 RSA Conference. He also talked about a hacker’s long-term mindset and a cybersecurity solutions community. ZDNet has the full write-up.

Other notable articles from this week:

DLT in the News

DLT Solutions Recognized as the 2013 Red Hat Cloud Partner of the Year

Red Hat announced that DLT Solutions, their largest public sector reseller, was named this year’s Partner of the Year due to their Red Hat cloud enabling solutions for public sector customers. Read the press release here.