Webinar: Learn How Red Hat Supports the Three C’s of DevOps

Delivering apps quickly and on a budget is a common challenge for government IT.  But there is a path to developing and delivering apps faster – it’s one that uses the building blocks of PaaS and DevOps.

When using modern application platforms, such as Red Hat OpenShift 3, developers can forge an easier path to develop, deploy, and run applications. OpenShift has recently been retooled to support containers.

Using DevOps workflows to accelerate delivery and natively integrating Docker, Kubernetes by Google™, and Atomic, OpenShift 3 helps agencies take their PaaS further and bring large-scale container orchestration to the enterprise.

All of this equates to the three “C’s” of DevOps – more control, reduced costs, and increase choice. How?

To learn more about how OpenShift helps you speed application delivery, join us for a live webinar on April 28th at 2:00 PM EST. Rick Stewart, our very own JBoss Middleware Solutions Architect, will run through how OpenShift supports the three “C’s” of DevOps.

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