10 Reasons to Make the Switch from Land Desktop to Civil 3D

The much beloved Autodesk Land Desktop civil engineering solution was discontinued almost 10 years ago and replaced by Civil 3D, but that’s not to say it went away entirely.

However, Land Desktop is no longer supported by Autodesk (i.e. no technical assistance if things go wrong, hot fixes, or service packs). Additionally, civil engineering software, in the form of Civil 3D, has evolved drastically since 2008, adding more features, functionality and product integrations.

Operating systems have also changed. Windows 10, which many agencies are moving to, doesn’t support Land Desktop. Plus, if you need a new computer, it’s going to be impossible to use your old software with new hardware.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, below are 10 Reasons Why You Should Switch from Land Desktop to Civil 3D: