Department of Defense Red Hat ESI BPA

Contract Number:
Period of Performance:
April 02, 2018 - April 01, 2023

Scope of Use

Brand name Red Hat products that include software license, subscriptions, and services to include installation and consulting support, client-directed engineering, and software customization as defined in the GSA Schedule and further defined below:

  • Support. The Red Hat Network subscriptions offer up to 24x7 support with one-hour response. Options may include PREMIUM (24X7 phone support and web support), STANDARD (9X5 phone support and web support), and SELF-SUPPORT (maintenance only, NO support) as outlined in Exhibit A (of the BPA contract).
  • Support. To facilitate customer support cycles, bug fixes and enhancement errata for Red Hat errata are batched together into periodic “Updates.” Security Errata are the only errata released independent of these Updates. To minimize the impact of Security Errata Red Hat has a policy of backporting security fixes whenever possible. Software maintenance as a product may be referred to by other terms, such as “software assurance,” or “software support.” The term “software maintenance” includes any service provided in support of Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) software for a defined period of time by a software publisher or reseller to provide software patches, bug fixes, new releases, product upgrades, etc., and any related support services to ensure the proper functioning of a software product. Software Maintenance as a product is billed at the time of purchase.
  • Professional Services. Services provided by Red Hat or the authorized reseller or distributor may include installation and consulting from the complete Linux migration to focused, client-directed engineering and software customization. The Contractor shall provide services at the Contractor’s facility and/or at the ordering activity location, as agreed to by the Contractor and the ordering activity.
  • Software Support as a Service. Software support as a service creates, designs, implements, and/or integrates customized changes to software that solve one or more problems and is not included with the price of the software. Software support as a service includes person to person communications regardless of the medium utilized to communicate: telephone support, on-line technical support, customized support, and/or technical expertise which are charged commercially. Software support as a service is billed in arrears.
  • Perpetual Software License. Includes operating system software, application software, EDI translations and mapping software, enabled E-Mail message based products, Internet software, database management programs, and other software.

Authorized Users

The BPA is open for ordering by all DoD components. For the purposes of this agreement, a DoD component is defined as: the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), the military departments, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the combatant commands, the Inspector General of the DoD, the Defense agencies, the DoD field activities, the U. S. Coast Guard, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Intelligence Community, and foreign military sales with a Letter of Authorization. GSA or other applicable ordering organizations/agencies are authorized to place orders under this BPA on behalf of DoD end users and must comply with DFARS 208.7400. This BPA is also open to DoD contractors authorized to order in accordance with the FAR Part 51.

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